Construction is underway for WA’s newest and most special bridge, connecting Perth Children’s Hospital to Kings Park.

Perth Children’s Hospital made a mammoth announcement early last year with a multi-million-dollar investment to construct a rainbow-coloured pedestrian bridge connecting PCH to Kings Park Botanical Garden.

Not only will the bridge allow easier access to Kings Park, but will also provide a much needed change of scenery to those otherwise confined to the locality of the hospital. We spoke with Local Perth mother Zoe Sullivan, to understand how this will impact her life.

Zoe and her daughter in hospital
“This is going to make such a huge difference to the lives of the children and families who frequent the hospital”.

Ms Sullivan has spent a lot of time going in and out of the hospital with her 9 year old daughter, Izabel, who is valiantly fighting brain cancer.

“At the old hospital, Princess Margaret, there was nowhere for us to go to get fresh air. I used to have to take Izabel out to the carpark just so she could see the sunshine”.

On the meaning behind the bridge, Premier Mark McGowan said

“The new bridge over Winthrop Avenue from the Perth Children’s Hospital to Kings Park won’t just look unique – it has a uniquely important job to do. It'll help sick and injured WA kids reconnect with nature along with their families - something that we know helps the healing process”.

The project hopes to help improve the general wellbeing of anyone who may spend time at the hospital, and aid in the recovery of sick children. According to research by Yale University, spending time in nature is an 'antidote for stress' and provides other benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing nervous system arousal, enhancing immune system function, increasing self-esteem, reducing anxiety and improving mood. Not only will this directly benefit unwell children visiting and staying at the hospital, but will also aim to provide comfort and relief to their families and medical staff.

The project is made possible by a $6.3million funding commitment from Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. The build is being managed by Main Roads and the State Government of Western Australia, and built by local WA construction business, CIVMEC. Construction is now underway and set to be complete later on this year.

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