There’s many things that come to mind when people think of Perth. Beautiful coastline, bad traffic, crappy internet, tough borders, and an unhealthy obsession with trips to Bali. 

However, there’s one thing that little old Perth has that nowhere else in Australia can offer and we’re not talking about local icons Kings Park or the Bayswater Bridge.

It’s our untapped potential for esports. That’s right. WA could be shifting away from a die hard AFL state to the premier esports hub for Australia (sorry to our heavy population of Kiwis, NRL isn’t on the agenda). 

Local internet company Pentanet has been flying the flag when it comes to esports and what it could mean for WA. They've been local crusaders for a number of years now with their mission to drag the state out of the dark ages by creating an internet network that works, and loads stuff, and has people that you can talk to when things aren’t working (cough, cough…. Telstra).

The team are big time gamers, and have been pushing hard for WA to own this space. They even got themselves an esports team, Pentanet.GG, who are one of the top ranked teams in the world for the game League of Legends. 

The PGG team are in Perth this weekend for a pretty epic event for gamers. For the first time ever in the country (if not the world), an Aussie team will be battling it out with teams from Asia. This is made possible because unlike over east - WA is close to our Asia-based competition and disadvantages such as latency (which can be the difference between winning and losing) within the game aren’t as significant a factor.

It’s not just about the PGG players, if you are an aspiring League of Legends sports star you have the chance to meet and learn from the players. Plus the chance to win a $500 prize pool! This might not be as big as Dota ($40+ million), but who can complain about a bit of extra pocket money.

Two hand-selected League of Legends teams from Western Australia have been invited to an exclusive workshop with the players and coach from WA’s professional esports team PGG where they’ll have the chance to train with professionals, hone their skills, and connect with our PGG global superstars.

If you’ve missed out, you can play on the go thanks to Pentanet’s work with gaming behemoth NVIDIA. GeForce NOW is a great entry way to get into gaming - plus you can tell your parents that you're “practicing” for your future career in esports. 

May 19, 2022
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