This November, Perth is buzzing with a range of events. Jazz enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the Perth International Jazz Festival at the Octagon Theatre. Reggae lovers are in for a treat with a live concert by The Original Wailers. The Perth Theatre will host Tide Lines, blending Scottish music with modern tunes. Space aficionados can delve into the mysteries of galaxies at the AK Bell Library. Lastly, the beach becomes a wrestling ring with Wrestling WA's Beach Training Day, offering a unique blend of sport and seaside fun. It's a month not to be missed in Perth!

Perth International Jazz Festival 2023

‚ÄćDive into the world of jazz at the Perth International Jazz Festival held at the Octagon Theatre. This multi-day event promises a mesmerizing lineup of renowned international and local jazz artists. From soulful solos to electrifying ensemble performances, this festival is a must-attend for jazz enthusiasts and anyone looking to experience the vibrant music culture of Perth.

The Original Wailers

‚ÄćExperience the legendary sounds of The Original Wailers in a live concert setting. As they bring their iconic reggae rhythms to Perth, attendees can expect a night filled with classic hits, soulful melodies, and the rich history of reggae music. It's more than just a concert; it's a journey through the legacy of reggae.

Tide Lines at Perth Theatre

Join the musical journey with Tide Lines at the iconic Perth Theatre. Known for their captivating performances, Tide Lines seamlessly blends traditional Scottish music with modern influences. Their unique sound, combined with heartfelt lyrics, promises an evening of musical delight that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Curious Minds Talk: "The Secret Lives of Galaxies" at AK Bell Library

Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe with this enlightening talk on galaxies. Presented at the AK Bell Library, attendees will discover the secrets and wonders of the cosmos. From the formation of galaxies to their dynamic interactions, this talk offers a comprehensive insight into the vastness and beauty of space.

Wrestling WA Beach Training Day 2023

Get ready for an action-packed day at the beach with Wrestling WA. This unique event offers both seasoned wrestlers and newcomers a chance to train and hone their skills in a beachside setting. With the sun, sand, and sea as the backdrop, participants can expect a blend of rigorous training, fun activities, and a chance to connect with the wrestling community.

Oct 29, 2023
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