Perth, WA ‚Äď Oktoberfest, the world-renowned German festival celebrating beer, food, and merriment, may have its roots in Munich, but that hasn‚Äôt stopped Perth from embracing the festivities with open arms. This October, Perthites have a bevy of choices for where to don their lederhosen and raise a stein. Although I can't give real-time updates on events happening in October 2023, I can provide a general overview of where to keep an eye out for celebrations based on past trends.

1. Oktoberfest in the Gardens:

‚ÄćBack by popular demand, the beloved Oktoberfest in the Gardens is set to return to Langley Park. With its authentic German beer halls, a variety of German beer, food stalls offering delectable Bavarian delicacies, and live music to set the festive mood, it's no wonder this is one of Perth's go-to Oktoberfest events.

2. Elmar’s in the Valley:

‚ÄćSituated in the heart of the Swan Valley, Elmar‚Äôs offers an authentic Oktoberfest experience with its traditional German beer, food, and entertainment. Their Oktoberfest celebrations are known for the large beer garden, traditional wooden benches, and of course, their famous giant pretzels.

3. The Brisbane Hotel:

‚ÄćThe Brisbane Hotel has become known for its lively Oktoberfest celebrations. Typically hosting a week-long event, patrons can expect a mix of traditional and contemporary music, delicious German cuisine, and a variety of imported and craft beers.

4. The Royal Perth Yacht Club:

‚ÄćFor those seeking a unique twist on Oktoberfest, the Royal Perth Yacht Club has previously hosted Bavarian-themed celebrations on the water. Attendees can expect to enjoy beer tasting sessions, traditional German food, and plenty of opportunities to dance.

5. Local Breweries:

‚ÄćSeveral local breweries and bars around Perth, such as Nowhereman Brewing and The Dutch Trading Co., have been known to host their own Oktoberfest events. These usually feature special brews, food specials, and themed entertainment.

For those eager to plan their Oktoberfest outings, it’s advised to keep an eye out for announcements from these venues and book in advance, as tickets for Oktoberfest events in Perth tend to sell out quickly.

No matter where you decide to celebrate, one thing is certain: Perth knows how to throw an Oktoberfest party. Prost!

Oct 4, 2023
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