Local success story

Originally known for their low calorie alcoholic sparkling waters, Mandatory Spirit Co has adopted the same ethos with these first of their kind single-serve Boxtails, which are low-calorie at 60 calories per serve, 99% sugar-free and made from real fruit juice and real spirits.

Safety is in the design

Not only adorable and novel in their design, the new single serve Boxtails have been designed with safety in mind. Research commissioned by the Mandatory Spirit Co. reveals the prevalence of drink spiking across the country, with 1 in 4 Aussie alcohol drinkers aged 18 to 40 reporting that they've had their drink spiked, with 37% experiencing the issue within the last 12 months. These mini Boxtails are designed so that no one can tamper with your cocktail at a party or venue with their unique design.

Talking of the new single-serve range in more detail, Mandatory Spirit Co. co-founder Mark Collins explains, “Boxtails started flying off the shelves when we launched and social media was going wild – people couldn’t stop talking about them. We couldn’t be happier to launch our new single-serve Boxtails and can’t wait for our customers to enjoy them safely.”

The single-serve Boxtails will be available in:

  • Mai Tai: New to the Boxtails range and like Summer in a box. Pineapple & Orange join forces to create a bright, tropical & refreshing tipple.
  • Passionfruit Martini: A crowd favourite for the initial launch of the 2L Boxtails, now available in single-serve. The Passionfruit Martini is a fruity take on the original Martini.
  • Pink Gin Daiquiri: A spin on the classic Daiquiri with notes of strawberry partnered with the freshness of lime and pink gin. Available in 2L Boxtails and now single-serve.

The single-serve Boxtails will be available to purchase from Amazon for RRP $24.95 a six-pack.

Jul 6, 2022
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