Pentanet has revamped the nineties classic piracy ad to help draw attention to Safer Internet Day 2022 and why "online predators" are harder to spot than ever.

Viewer discretion is advised - the nineties nostalgia themes are strong of times before we started watching movies on a laptop, and when popcorn and a drink didn't cost more than a house deposit.

“With multiple points of access via mobile, tablet, computer and more, it’s tougher than ever to keep on top of all your online activity and the content that you and your kids are consuming,” said Pentanet Chief Marketing Officer Alison Balch.

The 40 second clip asks viewers to consider important questions such as “you wouldn’t steal a credit card” and “you would be an online predator”. The video’s main character also has you questioning your personal views on fake mustaches and men with luscious blonde locks… 

“The aim of our Safer Internet Day short video was to create an entertaining content piece that appeals to the nostalgic video piracy ad of the early noughties, in a bite-sized TikTok style execution to appeal to the younger generation, to encourage internet users of all generations to be more conscious of their online activity,” said Balch. 

The video also pokes fun at WA’s current toilet paper crisis with the “online predator” in the clip spotted hoarding a few TP rolls.

In addition to building a private wireless internet network in Perth, the company has also partnered with NVIDIA to launch the world’s leading cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet in Australia. Since launch, there has been more than 46 million minutes of gameplay, and now Pentanet wants to encourage its subscribers to keep things fair and clean when gaming.

“While many parents are concerned about screen time, gaming is actually a great way to learn strategy and teamwork for kids. However, like in all sports, there are some players that don’t show the best sportsmanship,” said Balch.

So be kind and play it safe online.

Feb 8, 2022
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