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Pentanet fight online pests with 90s nostalgia

Perth internet and gaming company Pentanet have teamed up with the creatives at MITP to send online predators straight to the noughty corner.

PJ Harvey takes hard working approach to her new film

Indie music legend PJ Harvey's film 'A Dog Called Money' debuts at the Revelation Film Fest this month.
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Locusts brings new wave to Australian cinema

This Aussie made genre film draws inspiration from a stack of films from the Australian New Wave of cinema and that's a good thing as films like Mad Max and Wake in Fright have an enviable pedigree.
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Black '47 brings the western style out of Ireland

Black ’47 is like no western I’ve ever seen before. Sure it’s got morally ambiguous characters, a flinty-eyed antihero, horses, lots of guns and blood and it is set in the west.But this time it isn’t on the western plains of the good ole US of A, instead, we find our “cowboys and Indians” duking it out in the west of Ireland.
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Rudeboy : The Story of Trojan Records

To kick off the Revelation Film Fest, Dennis Bertoldo was on hand to view Rudeboy, which explores the historic stories of the iconic record label Trojan Records.

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