Looking for more than just the standard boring gift for Father’s Day?

Scrambling to find what your dad would love and sometimes it feels like you have already bought all the best gifts?

Whether your dad is super sporty, or if he prefers to maintain his hipster beard with the help of Gallant Gift Co, we have found the best gift ideas that all dads are bound to love.

These gifts are great for those who like to find a gift in advance, or they are a saviour when you have left it to the last minute.

The best part…. you can take all the credit and finally be named the favourite daughter or son.

Tess and Brooke, the creatives behind Gallant Gift Co, share their top Build Your Own gift pack ideas. Furthermore, you can customise them on what your dad would love best, and we have created some customised ideas for some of the different types of dads out there to get you started.

Who’s your daddy?

Gifts for: The Big Kid Dad 

If your dad is out playing with the kids and acts more like a child than an adult, then your dad definitely meets the criteria of “The Big Kid Dad”. 

Items we love to include for the “The Big Kid Dad”:

  • Hey tiger chocolate 
  • Spinifex brewing co 
  • Upparel undies 

Gifts for: The Sporty Dad 

If your dad is an avid fan of cricket and footy and eats, sleeps and breathes sport, then your dad is most definitely a “Sporty Dad”. Whether he likes to get in and play, or likes to sit back and soak up the action from afar, there’s a list of potential options to start you on your build your own pack.

Items we love to include for the “ The Sporty Dad”:

  • Hemp lip balm 
  • Magnesium spray 
  • Beer farm 
  • Stubby holder 
  • Sunbutter

Gifts for: The Outdoorsy Dad

The BBQ loving, camping fanatic, never inside kinda guy. When you thought you ran out of ideas and thought he had everything he needs for his outdoorsy adventures, think again! 

Items we love to include for the “ The Outdoorsy Dad”:

  • Dingo Sauce Co 
  • Sunbutter 
  • Spinifex Beers 
  • Husked cup
  • OCD jerky 

Gifts for: The Bearded Hipster Dad

If he loves maintaining his bushy beard and is a little on the edgy side then your dad might be a Bearded Hipster Dad. This dad loves his beard and is a sucker for anything that contains coffee. 

Items we love to include for the “ The Bearded Hipster Dad”:

  • Beard candy 
  • Bead 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner 
  • Whipper snapper hard coffee

Gifts for: The Classy Dad 

He likes the finer things in life including sippy on some quality whisky. If this sounds like your dad, he will definitely fall into this category. 

Items we love to include for the “ The Classy Dad”:

  • Bare Bros ‘The Gentlemen Candle”
  • Upshot Australian Whisky 
  • Solid State Cologne 

Gifts for: The Pamper Loving Dad

If your dad loves a clean shave and spends way too long looking for the best pamper products, then your dad might be “The Pamper Loving Dad”.

Items we love to include for the “ The Pamper Loving Dad”:

  • Bare bros chocolate scrub 
  • Bloke soap
  • Milkman clear shave gel 
  • Milkman double edge safety razor

Looking for a gift for the man in your life for a birthday or an anniversary?  Check out The Perth company making gifting for the men in our lives easier!

Aug 16, 2021
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