e have just discovered an amazing Perth-based company that makes gifting for the men in our lives so much easier!

Gallant Gift Co is the concept that owners Tess and Brooke created when they found that gifting for the men in their lives was more difficult than it should be. There’s plenty of options for women out there, including the common gifts such as flowers, but there are no equivalents for men. 

Using all Australian products and brands, the duo has named their latest gift hamper collection after the special guys in their lives: “The Shannon Pack”, “The Mark 

Pack” and “The John Pack”. If you’re wanting a gift that is even more fitting for a fella you know, then the “Build Your Own” packs will let you pick from a curated collection of items.

Gallant Gift Co’s latest collection:

The Shannon Pack:

This pack is aimed at the young dad who is a big kid at heart, including some delicious favourites.

This pack includes:

  • OCD Jerky 
  • HeyTiger Chocolate 
  • Spinifex F88 lager and ginger beer
  • A pair of socks by Upparel for him and a pair for his mini shadow

RRP $70.00 plus shipping 

The Mark Pack:

If the man in your life knows how to look after himself and loves a pamper, then The Mark Pack will provide you with the perfect gift for him!

This pack includes:

  • Milkman Shave Gel and safety razor 
  • Solid State Cologne 
  • Men Who Scrub Magnesium Spray 

RRP $130.00 plus shipping

The John Pack:

This pack is for those guys who enjoy the finer things in life and enjoy being spoilt. If you’re also looking to be in the good books for a long time, then this is most certainly the gift pack for you.

This pack includes:

  • A choice of one of the following from Whipper Snapper! Upshot Whiskey, Jetpack Hard Coffee or Infused flavoured moonshine.
  • Denver and Liely whisky tumbler 
  • Artisan chocolates from Cheeky Cacao
  • Personalised Australian leather keyring

RRP $200.00 plus shipping

All the above gift packs include a Gallant Gift Box and are packed ready for your gift when it arrives.

Build Your Own:

If the man in your life is a little quirky, there’s always the option to pick out items from a range of products on the Build Your Own list. There’s really something for everyone, and you can build your box around your budget and what you think he would like best!  

 As part of the Build Your Own option, you can include a personal message with your Gallant Gift box, all hand-wrapped, ready to be gifted. 

 Gallant Gift Co want to spread love and joy and support other local businesses that also do good in the community.

Gallant Gift Co really do understand what makes gifting for men easier!

Website: gallantgiftco.com.au

Instagram: @gallantgiftco

Facebook: @gallantgiftco

Looking for Father’s Day inspo?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, check out our “Who’s Your Daddy?” Father’s Day Gift Guide coming soon, from the creators of Gallant Gift Co.

Aug 10, 2021
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