They say, ‚Äėa good neighbour is a found treasure ‚Äôand it rings true to Leederville‚Äôs newest addition. Naber + |||| (pronounced nay buh and four) will open its dual venue to the community at the start of January 2022.

This unique hospitality offering from Kaden Pool (Palace Arcade, Long Chim) and brothers Kody and Nic Read (Rocked Ice) embraces the spirit of bringing the neighbourhood bar into the city showcasing the produce from their local surroundings.

Taking over from the beloved Varga Girl site, situated on the iconic strip of Oxford Street, patrons can expect a heavy focus on community and connection, with curated flavours, front and back.

Kaden says that while Naber + Saber might reside in one place, they are split into two distinct personalities.

‚ÄúStrolling in via Oxford Street, Naber is the slightly more intimate space which lends itself to connect with all that‚Äôs around you. From your company to the menu, you see and feel, or the nook you are situated, Naber is where you experience something a little special.‚ÄĚ

While the wine and beer list showcases WA brands, the cocktail menu features a more refined, outrageous, and approachable approach all while showcasing local produce.

This is the bar that has no bar, with the focus of the space built around a large communal table - with surrounding booths and nooks - which lends itself to allowing a proper sense of connection and openness and really changing the way people drink and dine.

The quality over quantity menu is pulling no punches - only using hand cut block ice, sustainably sourced ingredients, zero waste ethos, garnishes you actually want to eat, custom made crockery and local collaborations - so be prepared for 'Coffee Martini‚Äôs using a custom coffee blend roasted by local naber‚Äôs Stomp Cafe paired with flavours from Chico Gelato, garnished with a house made cereal milk Magnum dusted in wattle-seed milo‚Äô, to ‚ÄėMojitos made from Ants.‚Äô

With Jacob Rutherford at the helm in the kitchen, the mastermind has curated a small but mighty menu with dishes like, ‚ÄėCheeky pig on toast. Cavolo nero. Figs + Pet nat‚Äô, ‚ÄėDarling mushrooms. Smoked apricot. Herbs‚Äô, ‚ÄėRamen noodles. Dog sauce. Preserved mussels‚Äô, ‚Äė Arkady lamb shoulder. Sweet leeks. Bone marrow salsa ‚Äôand ‚ÄėAbalone. Rag pasta. Chicken fat. Egg yolk‚Äô.

Nic believes this is the heart of their community ethos as it is the back-alley bar you stumble upon via Electric Lane for a casual drink or a long boozy day session that extends into the evening.

‚Äú|||| is the cool back venue ‚Äď equal parts chilled garden bar and vibing disco party, this will be the summer go-to for boozy catch-ups with mates.‚ÄĚ

The desire to provide yummy flavors and styles is at the forefront of their menu and there is sure to be something for everyone, whether it is beer, wine, cocktails, or watermelon cruiser on tap.

The venues are split but both have an overarching ethos of community and connection, so there will be a big focus on flavours above all with a solid foundation of ethically sourcing and sustainable use of ingredients, moving towards a zero-waste goal while ranging a selection of low, non-alcoholic, and dietary options that are more than just substitutions.

Name a more wholesome way to spend the first days of 2022 than with your Naber, for a drink or four.

May 16, 2022
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