Do you enjoy beer? This will be a hit with you! On Saturday 28th August, Neighborhood Events Co will bring a curated selection of craft beers to the heart of Fremantle for the wildly popular Urban Craft Beer Crawl!

Western Australia is home to a number of world-renowned beers - some well-known and some still undiscovered. Urban Craft Beer Crawl ticket holders can sample the latest and greatest, as well as a few they may not have tried before.

It is guaranteed to sell out again, and ticket holders can expect an exciting and unique self-guided experience at the Urban Craft Beer Crawl!

Even better, there's no need to take a bus or drive! Each venue is within easy walking distance of the other, as the name implies!

Gather your friends ‚Äď Urban Craft Beer Crawl is always a fun day out!

Below is a list of some of the amazing places you will get to visit:


1. Freo.Social Ft. Otherside Brewing Co. (WA)

2. Strange Company Ft. Nowhereman Brewing Co. (WA)

3. Norfolk Hotel Ft. Black Brewing Co. (WA)

4. The Old Synagogue Ft. Eagle Bay Brewing Co. (WA)

5. The Palace Arcade Ft. Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. (WA)

6. Federal Hotel Ft. Shelter Brewing Co. (WA)

7. Beerpourium Ft. Lucky Bay Brewing (WA)

You can get tickets here.

Jul 14, 2021
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