inding a new cafe, bar or restaurant can be tricky. It often feels risky heading outside your comfort zone to try a new place. To help satisfy your curiosity, we have our top 5 new places to check out below:

  1. Solo Pasta - Mount Lawley
  2. Bar Botanik - North Perth
  3. Green Bunch - East Victoria Park
  4. Monsterella - Wembley
  5. Spice Market - Fremantle

Solo Pasta - Mount Lawley

With a range of pasta options including gluten free and vegetarian, you'll love this place for a weekend feast. The cocktails are also very delicious and a must-try.

Bar Botanik - North Perth's Greenest Cafe

A must-see for plant enthusiasts. This cafe is a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of the city. Worth jumping in if you want to be transported into the beautiful garden vibe.


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‚ô¨ Peaches - Justin Bieber

Green Bunch - East Vic Park's Doggo Date Spot

Perfect for the end-of-walk destination with you, your furry legged friend and your human friend. The outdoor seating is gorgeous.

Monsterella - Wembley's favourite pizza joint

Well known by the locals, this trendy pizza joint makes the perfect pizza. Head there if you enjoy traditional woodfired pizza where even the crust is delish.

Spice Market - Fremantle's robot waiter will serve you now

Now this place is Instagram-worthy. A robot waiter that delivers your food. Amazing cocktails and a beautiful setting. Perfect for a first date as you will have plenty to talk about.

Apr 29, 2021
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