The Ladder - Mount Hawthorn

Dylan Urquhart
April 7, 2017
Eat & Drink

The Next Step in Mount Hawthorn Coffee Culture

New beginnings

Mount Hawthorn. It's often seen as the buffer zone between Leederville and Mount Lawley, two suburbs with an established bar and cafe scene. Venues such as The Ladder are now helping put Mount Hawthorn on the map for avid foodies and cafe lovers. Owner Rucky Griffith who also operates The

‍Owner Rucky Griffith prides herself on the quality of The Ladder's food and beverage listings

Simplicity and calm

Upon first walking

Cafe by day, art enthusiasts by night

As fresh as it gets

One distinguishing characteristic of The Ladder is that all food and beverages sold are made on the premises. There are no suppliers dropping off wrapped meals that were made yesterday. All food is 'home cooked', meaning you will be tasting everything the day it is cooked. The Ladder is also gluten and dairy free friendly, offering a range of variety for those with food intolerances as well as trusty vegetarian dishes.

Only the freshest ingredients are allowed at The Ladder Cafe

Best days to go

Busy days are often weekends for breakfast, as The Ladder is becoming a crowd favourite for the weekend breakfast crowd. The good news is, there's rarely any trouble having to wait for a table or service. 

Dylan Urquhart

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