The Kyilla Community Farmer's Market: Fundraising at its finest

A friendly start to every weekend.

Simon Fogliani
November 22, 2017
Eat & Drink
Started in June of 2013, the Kyilla Farmer's Market is a weekly event held in Kyilla Park every Saturday from 8 - 11:30am. There's plenty to suit anyone's taste: fresh produce, bread, pastries, sweets and meats.  It began as an idea from the Kyilla Primary Parents Committee, and has since drawn a surprising amount of attention from surrounding suburbs.


The spice of life

The hallmark of the Kyilla Farmer's Market lies in its variety. In just a 50 metre strip, there's more than enough produce for a grocery run, stalls dedicated to wines and cheeses, a botanist with fruit trees, herbs and houseplants,  even a bouncy castle and petting zoo for the kids. Cynthia Williamson, the market's manager, was glad to share her view of the market on the whole.

"It's a place where the community can come together, meet up with friends.  Everyone wins."

Of course, the market isn't just about going for a shop;:  there's an entire alley of hot meals, fresh-pressed juices, and baked delights to enjoy with family and friends. Even if you're not there to buy anything, taking a seat at the market's propped-up tables and simply enjoying the music and atmosphere is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.


Friendly people, friendly competition

Courtesy of Facebook

From time to time, the market will hold small contests between its businesses. Most often, it's a small spectacle, with the prize being a free stall for the week. We were invited by events admin and competitor, Stephanie, to judge their soup-off contest, where Martin's Mum's lentil and veg claimed the win for the creamy soups, and Yummeeme's vegan broth took the title of overall best.

"I don't think anyone imagined chickpea, beans and mint working well in a soup.  A salad, sure, but hey, that stuff was delicious."

The contest itself felt like a group of friends having some fun rather than an organised, fully-fledged competition. There were only six entries out of more than twenty stalls, but it only added to the enjoyment; it led to standing around and enjoying the soups with the people who made them. Seeing the printed-out recipes next to hastily scribbled names on notes was a cute detail as well. The contest was far from professional or formal, but that's because it didn't need to be. Just some good people having a good crack.


Locally owned

Courtesy of Facebook

The Kyilla Primary Parents Committee is behind the farmer's market's creation and success, with Cynthia being hired to handle the nitty-gritty. She says that she's enjoyed her part-time work managing the market, and the success that the market has had, crediting it to the committee.

"[The parents and I] work together, and they guide me through; give me ideas."

Of course, the committee itself also runs a stall themselves: Kyilla P&C Bacon & Egg Rolls, with volunteers from the school helping to provide the ingredients, cook, and prepare the stall's signature picante sauce.


To learn more about the Kyilla Farmer's Market, you can give their website a read, or check out their Facebook and Instagram.
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