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The Classroom is a homage to days gone by, with a fun, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of fancy cocktails to bring out your inner child.

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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Kicking it old school

Get ready to take a step back into a simpler time; when your hardest decision was which friend you should partner up with in sport class, spending your recess negotiating chip packet trades and your first crush was on your year one teacher.

The Classroom is a homage to days gone by, with a fun, relaxed atmosphere and plenty of elaborate cocktails to bring out your inner child.

The Classroom bar Perth


A feast for the senses, every last detail has been well considered. The walls are plastered with school memorabilia, the floor decorated with games of hopscotch and the tables are reminiscent of art class benches with matching stools.

Just to the right of the entrance is a bookcase concealing a secret room. The first section is full of plush chesterfields, glass cabinets and old world atlas wallpaper. Don’t let me forget to mention the number of awards framed on the walls!

The Classroom interiors Perth

Class Dismissed!

The back section of the room is evocative of all those rides home, complete with bus seat booths, impressive street art and bikes mounted on the walls. If you were one of those kids who were always in detention, there’s something for you too- you can ponder those days of writing lines as you promise what you will not do on the whiteboard.

Perhaps my favourite part is getting language lessons in the bathroom. With all the fantastic cocktails to try, you'll probably be visiting often enough to learn a new language.

If all this wasn’t enough to capture your attention, the collection of board games lying around sure will be!

The Classroom interior art

Head Masters

Married couple Sasha and Andrew Bennett are the principals of this school. Starting out with their catering business ‘Cocktail Gastronomy’ they continued their venture into the Perth bar scene. The Classroom first opened four years ago with a skilled team who collectively has 80 years hospitality experience between them.

Andrew is the genius mixologist behind the cocktail lists. Split into three subjects, you can choose from Art, History or Science. Notable additions include the ‘Mrs White cocktail’ a classic white lady but with edible paint, the ‘Liquid Nitrogen Espresso Martini’ and Sasha’s personal favourite the ‘Charlie Chapman’. The fan favourite is the ‘Flaming Galah’; a mix of butter washed vodka, elderflower liqueur, yuzu juice and shrunken head pineapple syrup all topped with saffron Italian meringue torched with a Bunsen burner and finished with saffron fairy floss. And these are just the beginning. You won’t find cocktails of this calibre anywhere else.

The Classroom drinks Perth


To accompany your delectable work of art (ahem, cocktail) the chefs, or ‘canteen ladies’ as they are affectionately named, whip up easy to share meals playing on classic flavours. Don’t expect them to be like your boring school lunches however, with menu items like Vietnamese pulled pork steamed buns and prawn tortelloni, pork belly, apple puree with foraged wood sorrel. Wood sorrel, if you don’t know, is that lemony grass with yellow flowers that all the kids used to pick in primary school to chew on! How’s that for a blast from the past?

Head down from 5pm Tuesday to Thursday to tuck into a $15 school dinner special that changes weekly.

Food at The Classroom

Roll Call!

Can’t get enough of The Classroom? Hire it out for your next event from school reunions, to book club to birthday parties. They take groups of any size up to 120 guests with different packages to best meet your needs.

They also do events on the regular, with a ladies night dubbed ‘sex north of the city’ in the first week of May. As you may have guessed, you can expect to indulge in four cocktail creations inspired by everyone’s four favourite woman of New York. If you’ve dedicated your life to channelling Carrie Bradshaw you can purchase tickets via email to

Classroom library section


You can find them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter or on their website.

Open Tuesday through Saturday 5pm until late.

Located at 1/356 Charles Street, North Perth WA 6006

The Classroom North Perth
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