Why Perth’s Favourite Pretzel Place are Giving Out Free Disposable Cameras This Summer

With summer almost over, Pretzel are letting customers make the last weeks of summer truly memorable through the use of an overlooked format. From the start of January, Pretzel has been giving away free disposable cameras to all customers, so that customers ‘snap themselves silly’ over the last few months of summer. What’s more, the photos people take can then be developed at any Pretzel store, allowing customers to have a collection of holiday snaps to keep forever.

We all carry high-quality cameras on our phones now - so why would we want to use disposables? Some readers might remember a time where these cameras were almost everywhere. From supermarkets to gift shops, and even professional photo shops, you could find them just about anywhere, and have them developed in these places too. What you got in the end was a folder of fresh snaps which you could take home. As for the cameras themselves, they weren’t exactly high-grade cameras. The film was often low-quality, with no adjustable lens, and some didn’t even have a flash.

Today, disposable cameras hold a poignant nostalgia to them. The cameras represented a time where photo taking could be fun, because you got to hold the final product afterwards. No filters, no digital editing, but an accurate capture of a moment in time..  Analogue media is oftentimes wonderful when you realise you are holding the final product in your hands and can do whatever you want with it.

Why Disposable Cameras at a Pretzel Bakery?

Well, it’s all about that nostalgia. Pretzel seems to be taking this feeling to heart, as it too is a franchise built around the idea of making old things new and fresh again. What started off in Perth as a small pretzel bakery has since exploded into a multi-chain confectionary powerhouse. Pretzel currently has stores in Perth and Melbourne, all coated from top to bottom in its signature pink look.

Walking into one of their shops feels like walking into a scene from a Wes Anderson movie. You will instantly notice its pink art-deco aesthetic, the shelves lined with pink boxes, and the kitchen filled to the brim with fresh pretzels coming right out of the oven. Even going to their original shop in Northbridge was such a treat, as they built their entire shop inside a refurbished/ repainted (pink obviously) shipping container. Though it is not all style, no substance when it comes to their pretzels. Their hand-made pretzel offerings are some of the best in Perth and truly live up to the stores in which they are sold in. From sweet iced treats to savoury pizza pretzels, there's something to suit everyone's taste buds. In short, there’s truly no place quite like Pretzel when it comes to creating an appetising brand aesthetic.

Pretzel themselves have given further information about the competition in an excerpt from their press release:

'It is a hot summer indeed, and what makes it even better is our regained freedom! Pretzel want to make sure you make the most of time in the sun with fam and friends. Which is why Pretzel have a heap of FREE disposable cameras for grabs at each of their stores! So, you can capture all your favourite sun-bleached moments and memories to show the grandkids some day!'

The campaign itself runs until March, so you still have plenty of time to score yourself a free camera with the purchase of any pretzel. Some photographers might even find their snaps being posted up onto Pretzel’s Instagram, which currently has a devoted fan base of 22.3k followers. In Perth,  Pretzel can be spotted in Northbridge, Whitford, Fremantle, Carousel, and Mandurah.

There is no better way to wrap up the summer than with a sweet Salted Caramel pretzel and some even sweeter photos to keep for years to come.

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