Ramen Ichiraku: Ramen is the best pleasure

A perfectly cooked ramen is always pleasurable to eat.

Hermes Leung
August 26, 2017
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It’s pronounced as Ramen I-chi-ra-ku and loosely translates to 'Ramen is the best pleasure.' They say when ramen is beautifully made, it is always pleasurable to eat.

Bringing world renowned flavours to Perth

Having a soft spot for ramen, the married couple who own Ramen Ichiraku have travelled far and wide to try out different ramens across the world. This legendary Japanese noodle creation has inspired the owner (the head chef of Ramen Ichiraku) to learn the ins and outs of Japanese ramen.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the best quality and flavour of ramen, options are always limited in Perth.  With their in-depth ramen background, this couple decided to turn the tables and create their best version of ramen, bringing those world renowned flavours to the people of Perth. .

'Making the broth is a labor intensive process, and all bones have to be cleaned to create that milky white colour.'

The passion for ramen is real

Rich Hakata Tonkotsu - Ramen Ichiraku

Ramen Ichiraku’s signature dish is Rich Hakata Tonkotsu, a ramen which is true to its Japanese heritage in both taste and broth thickness. While the standard Tonkotsu broth only cooks for 12 hours, the rich Tonkotsu is made for 15 hours with a variety of pork bones. Within this period, five secret ingredients are added into the broth at different cooking stages to develop the flavour.

Red Dragon is another go-to ramen which consists of both house-made spicy pulled pork and chili paste. It is based on one of the owner's all time favourite ramens from  Hong Kong. Two hours queue-up just for a bowl of ramen, this dish holds a special spot in his heart.

Catering to all tastes

If you are a vegan, Ramen Ichiraku also offer a range of  vegan options to satisfy your soup craving. The owner has carried  out extensive tastings with his vegan friends to serve you the perfect vegan ramen. Many shiitake mushrooms, kombu and a secret mix of vegetables are used to create more flavours and add to the meatiness of the broth.

Vegan ramen - Ramen Ichiraku

Signature style in a signature spot

The owners of Ramen Ichiraku have spent so much time designing the restaurant in order to provide the full experience of Japanese-themed dining to diners. With the logo - Mr. Ramen - on the wall, you feel casual and warm while enjoying their ramen..Ramen Ichiraku is not a big chain or a recognized brand in the ramen world. However, it is  this that provides the chance for the owner to serve out his signature style of ramen.

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