Prestigous truffle hunters go online

The proud family-owned Truffle business are going online to help those who can't or don't want to go outside enjoy their magical truffles.

Jasmine Clubb
July 13, 2020
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Australian Truffle Traders is a proud family owned business located in the southern forests of Manjimup. Husband and wife team, Gavin and Mel Booth, along with their young son, Brin, have been an integral part of the Manjimup truffle industry for over a decade. The family’s orchards, nestled on soft rolling hills bordering the Karri forest, contain a delightful combination of hazelnut and oak trees, below which the truffles can be found. Not to mention, Mel is one of the most prestigious and experienced truffle hunters in the whole of Australia. 

Using their dogs, Molly, Gidgee and Max, they are able to hunt for and gather the finest and ripest truffles. For just $60 you can take a stroll through the orchards and embark on an unforgettable truffle-hunting adventure of your own, making it the perfect excuse for a mini-break down south this cold season.

Alternatively, fresh truffles can now be ordered online through the new online shop. Freshly harvested truffles are delicately cleaned, graded, sealed, cold packed and then shipped to your front door via express post, and delivered within just 24 hours! Excited about this new addition to the family business as, Booth mentions that is is “something our customers have been asking for and we’re delighted to deliver. We’ve always sold to customers direct from our farm but now they can order any time of day or night with just a few clicks”. This is great news for those that aren’t so outdoors-y and would much prefer to stay inside this winter.

Jasmine Clubb

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