bowl of ramen is made with warm broth, humble veggies/meat and oodles of noodles! A  simple bowl of ramen can warm you up and give you the best feeling in the world - soup belly! 

We have travelled across Perth to find the best ramen bowls. Don’t worry, ramen is not only for meat-eaters, there are many vegan and vegetarian options available.

Whether you like your ramen to be light with soy or spicy with hints of hellfire, we have got you covered!

Here are Perth’s best ramen bowls: 

Hakata Gensuke - East Victoria Park: 

At Hakata Gensuke, you have the choice of the standard ramen or the special ramen, which includes triple the amount of toppings. That's right, TRIPLE the toppings for only $8.50. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, they also offer happy hour meals from 3.00pm - 5.00 pm, Monday - Friday’s. The ramen bowls range from a signature broth, black garlic, shoyu and even a godfire broth with spice levels ranging from 0.5 - 5. 

Ichiraku Ramen - Perth:

At Ichiraku Ramen, the broth is cooked for 12 hours to ensure the flavours are rich and complex. They have also created authentic vegan ramen with the broth consisting of a mixture of mushrooms, veggies and kombu to get a delicious brothy flavour! Don’t forget, every Wednesday, they offer a special vegan deal.

Nao Japanese - Perth:

At Nao Japanese, they pride themselves in creating the most authentic Japanese ramen. The way they make the delicious broth, noodles, and even chashu pork is authentic to the point where it emulates the taste of Japan. Nao Japanese is a staple of Perth and is a must-try for the avid ramen lover. 

Ippudo - Cannington & Perth:

Ippudo brings Japan’s ramen flavours to Perth with two locations. Ippudo is a fan favourite as this restaurant’s roots originated from Fukuoka City in Japan, with its first location opening in 1985. The ramen broth has multiple styles to choose from, all brewed for 18 hours to give a smooth, mellow and silky finish. This broth will make you want to slurp away your worries.

Ramen Samurai - East Vic Park: 

Ramen Samurai has ten different flavours of ramen for you to choose from. The chefs prepare noodles fresh each morning to enhance your dining experience. The unique factor is that you have the ability to customise your ramen as you can select from a range of options, including char-grilled meats, chashu pork and delicious veggies.

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As we have discovered, Perth contains a range of delicious ramen joints.   If you enjoy flavoursome silky broth or melt in your mouth meat and veggies with stacks of noodles, then slurp your way through our ramen suggestions. 

Apr 28, 2021
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