Perth's best burgers and where to find them

Hello winter and hello winter bod!

This may be a controversial opinion, but winter may be my favourite season. Yes, it can be miserable and yes, there’s nothing enjoyable about trying to get anywhere when it’s bucketing down with rain. Despite this, winter is a season of comfort food and grants us the excuse to ditch the diet in preference of pure indulgence to keep us going through those bleak grey days. There’s been a ton of new burger joints popping up in P-town lately, so we thought we’d give you the rundown on some of the best burgers that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Theo at Huxtaburger

After much anticipation, Huxtaburger has finally found a new home at Hibernian Place. This Melbourne export is trendy while maintaining an old school American diner kitsch.

If you’re feeling the chill, sometimes only an exorbitant amount of hot cheese will do the trick, in which case we recommend the Theo burger. With a double grass-fed beef patty, double cheese, bacon and condiments, it’s double the gluttony all round and we are all about it!

Whatever’s on the menu at Gary’s Diner

A diner on wheels, you’ll have to stay up to date on where to get your fix of Gary’s legendary burgers! Each month, the food truck collaborates with a local businesses to host one helluva foodie feast every Friday. A past collaboration with Top Dup Donuts resulted in the miracle of all miracles being The Donut Burger. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Pepperizo at V Burger

Courtesy of V Burger

Fire yourself up at one of V Burger’s four joints with their peppered beef burger featuring some always delicious chorizo. We also recommend an accompaniment of crumbed halloumi fingers. With four outlets across Perth, you won’t have to travel far for these top notch burgers!

King of Crowns at RoyAl

Courtesy of RoyAL

For Pulp Fiction fans, this place is worth a visit if you want to geek out over their RoyAL with Cheese. But if it’s indulgence bordering total gluttony you’re after, this is also the place to get it!

Just a mere glance at their ‘Next Level Burgs’ selection is enough to trigger a food coma. King of Crowns is a particular crowd pleaser as it includes all the good things in life: juicy Angus beef, cheese and bacon, plus deep fried additions such as fries, onion rings and even mac ‘n’ cheese. You’ll roll out of this joint, but we guarantee there will be no regrets.

BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger at Short Order Burger Co.

Courtesy of Short Order Burger Co.

You know you’re in good hands at a joint run by a man who dedicated every Sunday over two years to pursuing and rating the best burgers in Melbourne before opening his own shop in Perth.

Short Order Burger Co. keeps it simple with a menu consisting of just six burgers, but the attention to detail means what you get is far from lacklustre. For a flavour bomb, we recommend their smoky and sultry BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger with smoked mozzarella, American cheddar, caramelised onion, maple candied bacon and condiments.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger at Coco Cubano

Coco Cubano is one of the few Cuban eateries in Perth. If you’vé got a case of the winter blues, it’s the perfect exotic escape. Not only that, but they also make a mean Southern Fried Chicken Burger that is as comforting as it is crunchy.

Cover image courtesy of RoyAL.
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