Munching Her way through Perth

Meet the voice behind Perth Munchkin

Jessica Gizzarelli
September 20, 2017
Eat & Drink

Carly is slowly munching her way through Perth’s café and restaurant scene, sharing her most favourite dinning and food festival experiences with Perth through her Instagram page.

Meet Carly

Pasta Perth Munchkin

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon at the Guylian Cafe located along the busy St George's Terrace, I was lucky enough to meet Carly - the writer and voice behind the blog, Perth Munchkin. By day, Carly works in finance for a company along the busy business precinct of St George's Terrace. However, at night you will find Carly enjoying a plate of pasta or pizza at one of her most favourite Italian restaurants Lulu La Delizia, in Subiaco. 

Carly refers to her blog - Perth Munchkin - as a hobby and “a diary of sorts”, where she is able to look back at her year and reminisce about her most favourite cafe and restaurant experiences. For Carly, her blog allows her to share her love for food. She explains: “I enjoyed writing... a record of what I have done... and really love taking photos”. She is always sharing aesthetically-pleasing and indulging images on her Instagram account.

Perth’s Café Culture

In Carly’s opinion, Perth’s café culture has taken a recent focus on WA produce, with venues working closely with local farmers and producers to give a “Vibrant, Fresh and Unique” touch to the quality and service of food produced. A tough decision to make, Carly's current top pick for breakfast is the Mary Street Bakery; lunch at Lulu La Delizia; and dinner at A Fish Called Inglewood

A Food Diary of the Best Kind

Battered fish and chips

Carly shared the story where she was lucky enough to take part in the Gascoyne Food Festival in Carnarvon. Never having travelled up to this part of WA, Carly reminisced about her experience, saying the Festival “showcased how special that region is in WA". Carly says that this was one of her most favourite blogs to write about, as she was able to experience a completely new side to Western Australia’s produce and ‘outdoor’ dining experience. She further describes how the event organisers “bought a whole bunch of chefs up to Carnarvon, to cook with the local produce”, creating an authentic touch to the overall experience of travelling to Carnarvon and seeing the local produce first hand.   

Carly’s Top Pick Cafés in Perth

Perth Munchkin

For Carly, what makes a memorable dining experience for her is not only “visually, the fit out”, but also the “overall experience, lovely food and good service”. Her top picks of cafes and restaurants to visit in and around Perth include:

  1. The Mary Street Bakery
  2. La Veen Coffee and Kitchen
  3. Tuck Shop Café
  4. Mrs S Café
  5. Bada Bing
  6. Lala Lu Delizia

Indulge in Perth Munchkin’s Blog

Lamb salad

You can find Carly most active on Facebook, posting and sharing content, or by following her Instagram stories. Carly expresses her appreciation for Instagram stories, saying “it’s fun, a great way to show and connect with everyone”.

In the near future, we can expect more activity with many more blogs about Carly’s dining experiences in and around Perth. To keep up-to-date with Carly’s blog you can follow the links below.


Instagram:  @perthmunchkin

Facebook:  Perth Munchkin

Jessica Gizzarelli

Hi, my name is Jess. I’m 21 years old and love writing, music, fitness and food. Recently, I completed a degree in Communications. To me Perth is home, having grown up here, I love going for walks along the coast and reading at my favourite childhood Park. I love Perth’s vibrant and unique culture, café scene and stunning landscapes. I am always up for a new adventure discovering unique, quiet and hidden places around Perth.