We’ve got a list of our favourite food stops in Perth hills

Fear not, we’ve got you covered

Hermes Leung
October 18, 2017
Eat & Drink
By the time spring has officially sprung, Perth hills are where we all enjoy celebrating and partying in the warm weather. And we know it sucks to be #hangry. So, to make sure you stay full while exploring this beautiful region, we made  you a list of the best hills cafes and restaurants.

Mason & Bird

Where: Kalamunda

Mason & Bird

We are all spoilt for choice from this cafe-cum-restaurant: burgers, toasties, pasta and so much more. If you're having some #hangry struggles, indulge in the pan-roasted gnocchi because honestly, THESE LITTLE POTATO DELIGHTS ARE LEGIT!

Haynes Street Larder

Where: Kalamunda

Haynes Street Larder

#Hangry vegans, vegetarians or any gf dieters, we’ve found you the best allergy-friendly cafe from the hills' cutlery map. This cozy little guy doesn't have a fancy menu, but fantastic coffee, smoothies, greens and baked goodies to cure your #hanger.

Jack & Jill

Where: Kalamunda

Jack and Jill

We're jealous of the locals for having same passionate guys from the Haynes Street Larder in town! From sourcing local produce to creating delicious eats and coffee, brunching here means serious business. How can you not get hooked?

Embers Woodfired

Where: Gooseberry Hill


This could be the best excuse to drive up the hill. For the starter - creamy seafood chowder OR juicy chili mussels; and for the main - crispy wood-fired pizza OR the perfect tortellini. Last but not least, for dessert - banoffee pie OR chocolate sticky date pudding! We are simply overwhelmed by the delicious options!

Blue Ox Steakhouse

Where: Kalamunda

Blue Ox Steakhouse

Meet the food heaven of carnivores - Blue Ox Steakhouse. They are dishing up all sorts of hearty meat. It is a tough pick, but we strongly recommend  the linked fingers BBQ spare ribs which are meltingly tender, served with a delicious home-made sauce. And don't forget to get some greens!

Masonmill family restaurant

Where: Carmel


Known as "the rose farm," this venue is not just known for its  foods. Enjoy your coffee, ponder the long list on the menu or share a decadent high tea with friends in front of the picturesque and beautiful garden.We #hangry people couldn't ask for more.

Kishi Sushi Bar

Where: Kalamunda

Kishi sushi bar

Yes, blink and you might have missed this excellent sushi bar on Haynes Street. Check out the  eye-catching lavish Japanese interior whilst you sample their fantastic and  authentic foods. Again, to ease your #hangry struggles, give their pan-fried salmon teriyaki a try - the sweet saltiness of the teriyaki sauce goes undeniably well with jasmine rice.

The Vineyard Kitchen

Where: Bickley Valley

The Vineyard kitchen

No matter what forever-changing menu they have, we remain rooted in the sincere love for these friendly guys. Especially the twice cooked duck leg, polenta and hazelnuts. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this crispy goodness remains i on the menu!

Collodel Ice-Cream & Sorbet

Where: Kalamunda

Collodel Ice-cream

If you find yourself with sugar cravings,  this place certainly hits our sweet-tooth well. Spaghetti Sundae is the must-try item on the menu - ice cream squeezed into a pasta shape, topped with bright red raspberry and strawberry sauces (the bolognese) and sugar (the parmesan). Nice!

Hermes Leung

Hi there, I am Hermes. Relocating to a new place isn't always easy, but with great food, extraordinary places and lovely people in Perth, it definitely sweetens up the deal! I'm looking forward to exploring this beautiful city, meeting the locals and sharing their stories!