Who said student life had to be a whirlwind of messy share houses and two-minute noodles? Opening its doors early next year, Campus Perth is a design-led, co-living student hub located right in the heart of Perth - basically, it’s a game-changer for student living.

Welcome to my crib

Whether you’re a studious bookworm, an extroverted socialite, or a bit of both, trust us when we say you’ll want to get in on the Campus action. Designed by the legends at GCP Hospitality, Campus is straight out of your interior design dreams while simultaneously championing functionality, privacy and community.

For 700 lucky domestic and international students, there’s a range of rooms on offer across 11 floors; take your pick from a Studio, a Twodio, a Campus 4 or Cluster 6. Naturally, all rooms come decked out with a bathroom, air conditioning, individual study desks, lockable drawers, CCTV and - most importantly - high-speed Wi-Fi so you can binge Queer Eye to your heart’s content. All rooms even come with a handy cooking space for whipping up a hot drink or zapping some leftovers in the microwave, except the Cluster 6 which offers a sweet communal cooking area just outside your door!

But let’s be real, as a student, how much time are you really going to be spending in your bedroom? Campus Perth is on the same wavelength and have made sure you’ll have access to every type of facility you need just a stone’s throw from your bedroom. There’ll be a fitness studio, The Link (picture your own personal library but cooler), The Commons (the perfect space to relax – spanning over 3,600sqm!) and The Rooftop for barbecues and yoga galore, just to name a few. We even spied a casual grand piano in the lobby for any budding Mozarts.

Just a stone’s throw away

For the times when you need to stretch your legs, you’ll have a myriad of bars, cafes, and theatres to choose from that are just minutes from Campus. Here are some of our top places to hit up for you lucky future Campus dwellers.


Badlands Bar (6 minute walk)

This live music venue is like no other in Perth. Revamped last year, stepping into Badlands Bar is like stepping into an urban cave - one where you can catch acts like Cloud Control, British India, and Ball Park Music. Its proximity to Campus means you’ll be a regular in no time.

The Court (4 minute walk)

If you have some pent-up energy and are looking for a good old groove, look no further than The Court. This iconic gay bar is renowned for its combination of old-school R&B and retro classics that ensure its multiple dance floors are always overflowing.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s (12 minute walk)

Whether you understood the movie or not, this Pulp Fiction-inspired late-night venue is a favourite among teens and twenty-somethings for good reason. In addition to its impressive calendar of live music, their Good Fridays and Slim’s Up Late events are a combination of triple j Hottest 100 fodder and ’90s classics.

Badlands Bar (courtesy of Facebook)


Chu Bakery (19 minute walk or 10 minute bus)

Yes, there may be an eternal queue out the door of Chu Bakery, but don’t let that deter you. Their range of handcrafted pastries are so beautiful you’ll be sad to devour them. Grab a pastry (or three), a coffee and sit yourself down across the road at Hyde Park for the ideal Sunday or outdoor study session.

Dough Pizza (12 minute walk)

Dough Pizza is a must for any lover of Italian food (so, everyone). Their impressive range of arguably the best pasta and pizza in Perth will have you salivating before you’ve even finished reading the menu.

The Moon (8 minute walk)

Established in 1991, this retro diner is as beloved as ever thanks to its late-night opening hours and delicious range of burgers, pizza and beer. Let’s just say your night out on the town isn’t complete until you and your friends are gorging on fries at The Moon at 3am.

Dough Pizza (courtesy of Facebook)


Perth Cultural Centre (6 minute walk)

No matter how you like to consume your culture, Perth’s Cultural Centre has got you covered. Head to the State Theatre Centre when you’re after some viewing that’s a bit more thought-provoking than your current Netflix series, or to the Art Gallery of WA for the latest international exhibition. And when you need a break from being so god damn intellectual, grab a drink at PICA Bar.

Cinema Paradiso (11 minute walk)

There’s no feeling quite like indulging in the latest arthouse or foreign film in a stunning art deco theatre. The carefully curated program at Cinema Paradiso means, regardless of the genre, you’re in for something unique and memorable.

The Ellington Jazz Club (5 minute walk)

This intimate jazz club is perfect for when you and your mates are after something a bit classier than your typical night out. You don’t have to be a jazz connoisseur to appreciate the talent onstage that will have you grooving in your chair in no time. Oh, and their delicious pizzas are a wicked bonus.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia (courtesy of Facebook)

Interested? We are too, and we haven’t been students for a long time! Head to Campus Perth’s website, Facebook or Instagram for updates on how you can make this dream student accommodation your reality starting next year.
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