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From the corporate life to freelance writing

Jessica Gizzarelli
September 13, 2017
Eat & Drink

A change from the corporate life, Martin shares his new career as a Freelance writer/ blogger and the vast opportunities he has been lucky enough to experience.

Meet Martin

Tucked away behind Mount Lawley’s busy Angove Street café strip is a quiet and unique outdoor café called Stomping Ground. This is where I was lucky enough to meet one of Perth’s most recognised food bloggers, Martin.  

On a Saturday morning you might once have found Martin sitting at a café enjoying one of his most favourite breakfast dishes - chilli scrambled eggs -  while working the corporate life in IT. Let’s push forward seven years, where Martin has swapped his corporate life for freelance writing, blogging and photography. Now, you can find Martin not only enjoying his chilli scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning, but indulging in various other cuisines around Perth’s café and restaurant strips.

The Meaning of Food

When asked to describe what food means to him, Martin quoted, “Food is everyone”. When asked why, he said, “it is something that we all have in common”. Martin’s blog ‘Morsels’ started as a hobby when he was still working in IT and came to the realisation that Perth was missing a guide on cafes to go to for breakfast.

“Breakfast was my thing when I worked Saturday mornings, always out for breakfast… I always thought they were missing a guide of where to go for breakfast and there wasn’t one around at the time”.

The Life of a Freelance Writer

Now as a Blogger and Freelance Writer, Martin has had the opportunity to attend and write about various events across Perth, including the Mandurah Crab Feast and Gascoyne Festival. Martin cannot pinpoint his most favourite blog, but says he is excited to write and share these recent experiences with his readers. His inspiration for writing draws from various writers across the globe, including Max s  Veenhuyzen and Max Brearley from Broadsheet (the company he writes for), Pat Nourse (Australian Gourmet Traveller), Pete Wells (New York Times) and Jonathan Gold (LA Times), because of the way they “inject humour into their writing”, as Martin says he aims to do within his own writing.

Click and Win

Royal's Chicken & Burgers

Let’s go back to 1990, where at the age of sixteen Martin was awarded the “Australian Kodak Young Photographer of the year award”. He says photography back then was a hobby for him that he really enjoyed. Reminiscing on the times where he would take 30 odd slides before sending them off to be developed, Martin says that analogue cameras “taught him the art of photography”. As he has watched the development of analogue to digital cameras, Martin acknowledges it is now different, appreciating the convenience of being able to take over 1000 images a week in contrast to 30 slides.

As an established blogger, Martin has built a strong following across his blog and social media accounts, specifically Instagram and Facebook. Martin says he uses Instagram’s square photo box as a ‘challenge’, trying to fit every image into its pre-set dimensions. His love for photography has flourished on Instagram, with many a mouth-watering dish showcased on his page.

Morsels Top Cafés to Visit South of the River

I asked Martin’s his thoughts about Perth’s current café scene and where it is headed. His response, -“We have come a long way, and we will continue to grow… I also think we need to consolidate, Perth is very trend driven”. Martin concluded that Perth people are not necessarily going to cafes and restaurants that are considered to be “Instagram-able” any more, but for the ‘local suburban restaurants and authentic food’ that each café/restaurant has to offer.

Tribute Coffee and Kitchen

Timber Café

Twig & Sparrow Café

Harvest Espresso

Frisch & Barc

Chilled Scrambled Eggs and More…

Martin’s blog Morsels has become a great success and we can expect to see more blogs coming very soon. You can keep up-to-date with Martins blog - Morsels - by following the links below.

Website >

Facebook > @morselsfoodblog

Instagram > @morsels_perth

Jessica Gizzarelli

Hi, my name is Jess. I’m 21 years old and love writing, music, fitness and food. Recently, I completed a degree in Communications. To me Perth is home, having grown up here, I love going for walks along the coast and reading at my favourite childhood Park. I love Perth’s vibrant and unique culture, café scene and stunning landscapes. I am always up for a new adventure discovering unique, quiet and hidden places around Perth.