“We need to care where the coffee comes from, who grows it, how is it grown and why the coffee is being grown”

Every time you sip on one of Lupo Lab's delicious brews, you can rest easy knowing you will also be helping farmers on the other side of the world. The dedicated team ensures every cup has one hundred per cent traceability; embodying their Italian tradition and seeking to please third wave of coffee lovers like you.

Lupo Lab has a firm belief that farmers should earn their fair share, choosing only to deal directly with farmers in their regions.

"This allows us to ensure a better quality product and have the biggest impacts for the farmers that grow the crops," said Lupo Lab founder Mirko Silvestri.

Mirko says his passion for handcrafted coffee and his strong family background in restaurants inspired him to create an experience where Roman traditions are used in modern environments. 

Mirko was raised working in his family restaurant in Rome, where his grandmother taught his father the same recipes and methods he uses in his venue today.

“I wanted to create a place where the crafting of food and coffee was sustainable, ethical and with made with total traceability,” Mirko said.

“We create humble, honest and authentic food and coffee that honours the traditions of my ancestral roots in Rome, with a slightly modern touch.”

Whether it is breakfast lunch and dinner, Lupo Lab will ensure you never leave hungry.

Rise and shine by tucking in to the cafes Imperial Salmon (paired with potato croquettes and herbed goat's cheese mousse), brunch time favourite Smashed Avo (supercharged with semi-dried tomatoes and dukkah) or BBQ Corn and Zucchini fritters (with watercress, silverbeet, buffalo riccotta, poached egg and grape tomatoes).

For lunch you cannot pass up the hand cut Fettucine alla Gricia or Tonnarello Amatriciana (complete with wine braised guanciale slow cooked with San Marzano sugo). For those with a big appetite, follow up with Calamari Ripieni (calamari tubes stuffed with tuna, olives, capers, mint basil and plenty of love) or Saltimbocca alla Romana (sliced veal topped with sage and proscuitto, roman style zucchini and browned butter sauce).

In case you weren't already drooling, Lupo Lab really hits its stride with its dinner service. Indulge in Fettucine ai Gamberi (fettuncini with prawns and asparagus in a saffron sauce), soul warming gnocchi of the day or Abbacchio Scottadito (slow cooked leg of lamb with Jerusalem artichokes puree, goat's cheese and battered cauliflower).

Mirko says Lupo Lab prides itself on genuinely sourcing green coffee beans from farmers directly and personally visiting the plantations.

"This is important for us, not only to ensure the best quality beans for our customers, but more importantly to have the biggest social impact to the remote farming communities who are most vulnerable in the coffee supply chain," Mirko said.

"In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to cut corners and reach for the easier option but we also pride ourselves in crafting all our food and coffee from scratch – we stretch all our pasta dough, even make the savoiardi biscuits for our tiramisu,” he said.

The name "Lupo Lab" has its own origin story. "Lupo" translates to "wolf" in Italian, significant in Rome as the Capitoline Wolf is the city's official symbol, taken from the legendary tale of Rome's birth.

Wolves travel in packs, representative of family for Mirko and his team; from the kitchen to the floor, they are united and only together can they reach a great result.

When you visit the café, you will see that the roasting room and kitchen are encased in glass, like a laboratory, also lending itself to the namesake. These two elements combine to honour Mirko's Roman heritage in a modern world. 

Mirko urged people to be conscious of their coffee habits and learn how our choices can make a huge difference along the supply chain. He recently hosted a coffee cupping event where our El Salvador farming partner, Patrick Murray, appeared via video-link to share a farmer’s perspective on how consumer choices make a difference to the livelihood of his community.

“Putting a face to origins where we source and reminding people that the human element of interaction, transparency, commitment and trust must be the basis of every coffee transaction," he said.

"This transcends the business side of things and has a sustainable, traceable and valid impact in every link of the supply chain, starting with the most vulnerable: origin.

“We need to care where the coffee comes from, who grows it, how is it grown and why is the coffee being grown: is it to make someone rich or to advance the community where it’s being grown.”

Lupo Lab also aims to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure its environmental impact is minimised wherever possible. They even pay three times as much for their takeaway cups because they are 100% recyclable. 

“It is so important for us to ensure that our impact on the food and coffee supply chain is a positive one.”

So if you are a devoted coffee lover with an appreciation for all things Italian, bring your friends and family to Lupo Lab to experience coffee like no other.

...Oh and don’t forget your keep cup!

Fast Facts:

  • Located in Mt Hawthorn, 151-153 Scarborough Beach Rd, Perth
  • Lupolab is a casual dining establishment with affordable prices
  • Lupolab is open for Brekky & Lunch Tuesday – Sunday and Dinner Wed-Sat.
  • Families are welcome, including furry ones. Kids under 10 can order from the kid’s menu and there are free organic treats for furry kids.
  • Mirko’s top picks: La Cancha filtered coffee, al-dente pasta, especially the gricia with the crunchy guanciale and soft melted pecorino Romano cheese. 

For more information visit their website, Facebook or Instagram

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