Live the yacht life at Perth's hottest new Sunday session

Good times ahoy!

Emily Ace
November 15, 2019
Eat & Drink

Little Creatures will once again prove its place as the hottest venue to while away the balmy summer days, with the Fremantle brewing institution designing the ultimate Sunday session due to set sail on December 1. 

Get a little bit nauti(cal) at Yacht Rocker Sundays, where the Death Disco DJs will have you swaying and swaggering to the sweet tunes of a golden era. 

Board the deck to soak in a heady stew of blissed out Yacht Rock beats, with sing-along soft-rock bangers from the 70s and 80s. 

Think Escape (The Pina Colada Song) and basically anything by Toto, the Doobie Brothers and Fleetwood Mac. 

As the night flows on, classic disco vibes will lead to full on hands-in-the-air hedonism, helping you to squeeze out every last drop of weekend joy.

Venue community and marketing coordinator Claire Donovan said the summer activation would transform the Little Creatures backyard for an injection of sea-side fun.

“We have actually commissioned a big boat DJ stand, so that will be the hero of the summer,” she said. 

“It is something a little bit extra, a little bit of fun for the summer and an excuse to make the trek down to freo if you are in Perth.”

The free event is all about getting your dance on, while enjoying premium brews and breathtaking views.

“It is very much sing-along, I think a good one that sums it up is Africa by Toto. Once you hear it, everyone is up and dancing and singing and having a good time,” she said.

“It fits in with us because it is all-age appropriate. We will probably have the little kids up in the sandpit dancing before anyone else, but we are definitely aiming to have people up and moving their bodies  as the sun sets.”

Paired with $9.50 pints of Little Creatures’ summer seasonal brew and delicious food specials, Yacht Rocker Sundays are shore to be a good time. 

Navigate on down to Little Creatures for a taste of the yacht life, minus the up-keep (it’s always more fun when you have a friend with a boat!) 

The deets:

Setting sail from 1 December

When: Sundays in summer, 2 - 6pm

What: $9.5 pints of Long Days Summer Seasonal and food specials

Free event, no reservations required

Emily Ace

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