Leaf & Bean Mt Hawthorn

Leaf & Bean Emporium, local Mount Hawthorn cafe which boasts bold colours and cheerful staff. A great place to discover along the Mount Hawthorn coffee strip.

Dylan Urquhart
April 7, 2017
Eat & Drink

Warm and welcoming

Location: Mount Hawthorn

Upon first walking into the Leaf & Bean Emporium, you feel relaxed and welcome in the area. A lot of the locals and regulars come back time and time again for the simple reason that the Leaf & Bean Emporium provides quality service and quality food and beverages.

outdoor dining...yes !Dog friendlyplease

A menu for everyone

The Leaf & Bean's menu is well constructed, including vegetarian and gluten free options with more heartier dishes for the hungry diners. There is harmony in the simplicity of the menu as well, offering a variety of dishes which are not too over the top. 

The beef burger is simply fantastic

Friendly by nature

One of the defining factors of the Leaf & Bean is the affable nature of the staff. All of the staff there are friendly and chirpy, which helps if you're there in the early hours of the morning. The effect of this is quite obvious, as the mornings are packed with friendly customers who clearly enjoy the nature and atmosphere, all whilst the Mount Hawthorn strip seems quiet. Leaf & Bean Emporium are testament to how customer service is done.

‍Spiced French Toast with Banana and Bacon. Delicious.
The coffee's at Leaf and Bean Emporium are always top notch
The newly renovated outside area has been a big hit with the locals
"You can customise your dish, just like we did with our breakfast stack minus the eggs. Leaf and Bean Emporium are testament to how customer service is done." - Jane, customer at Leaf & Bean

Leaf & Bean Emporium's chef's are true wizards of the kitchen. Providing simple yet full of flavour dishes that keep you coming back. Perth Underground favourite dish the Spiced French Toast with Banana and Bacon was a big hit. The combination of elements were a pleasant surprise as the flavour balance was perfect.

Dylan Urquhart

Local Perth enthusiast, impromptu tour guide, small bar discoverer.