A feast for all of the senses, Lazy Lee Urban Eatery is the perfect place to hang out with friends – and the $6 pints are just the beginning.

The design driven and highly interactive eatery has something to please even the fussiest eaters, boasting a large selection of pasta, pizza, salads and burgers, as well as an Asian corner.

The Lazy Lee: Ground sirloin beef, caramelized onion, bacon, rocket, brie cheese, thousand-island sauce $15. Photo: Nancy Hanna

Pair these with local brews and classic cocktails (lazy sex on the beach, espresso martini and cosmos all make the cut), and you have the perfect place to kick back with friends.

The genius behind the menu is Head Chef Kevin Ciotucha, who sources local and fresh ingredients for his delectable creations, with considerations made for those with allergies and intolerances.

With sweet treats like Chocolate Lava Cake, Pan Seared Muffin and Crispy Apple Pie on the menu, it would take some serious willpower (or insanity) to skip desert.

Double fried Korean Chicken Wings. Photo: Nancy Hanna

Restaurant Manager Robyn Brennan says the best aspect of running a restaurant is the joy of meeting new people from all walks of life.

“Everybody has a story to share,” she said.

“We view dining out as a treat and love to ensure that guests are happy, satisfied and making great memories within Lazy Lee.”

Photo: GCPH Aus Pty Ltd

If you are overwhelmed by choice, Robyn says the double friend Korean chicken wings are always a winner, with a small plate setting you back just $8, or upgrade to a large for just $14.

Robyn says the abundance of food choices in the Perth CBD was the eatery’s biggest challenge as they enter the market, but they are more than up for the fight.

“Lazy Lee Urban Eatery stands out as it’s an all rounded social space,” she said.

“After indulging in some tasty food at Lazy Lee, you can go and chill out on bean bags, watch a movie in the screening room area or play some pool or foosball.”

Slurp up a "classic" or "not so classic" shake, with flavour options including strawberry and salted caramel popcorn. Photo: Nancy Hanna

Movie screenings, $6 pints and generous portions at rock bottom prices? Swoon!

The best part? If you make the most of the cheap bevvies, you can stay upstairs for less than the Uber ride home.  

Discover newly minted Lazy Lee Urban Eatery at Hostel G Perth, located at 80 Stirling Street.

Open 7 days from 11am to late.

If finding the best possible deal is your forte, head down at lunch time to make the most of their $10 specials, or half priced bites and discounted beverages between 5pm and 6pm on weekdays.

Photo: GCPH Aus Pty Ltd
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