How to power your home for free

Have you taken the next big step to reduce your environmental impact?

Tessa Dempster
August 6, 2017
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So you recycle, spend thousands of dollars purchasing energy efficient products and only turn the air conditioner on when it’s REALLY REALLY HOT… you know the usual stuff. But wouldn’t it be great be able to power your entire home – for free? The team at Enerklean explain why solar energy is the only way to go when it comes to avoiding a costly power bill, letting you enjoy the comforts of easy living without the price tag! 
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The evolution of going Green

With the hot topic of global warming (is it true, isn’t it?), most homeowners are trying to reduce their carbon footprint (even if it is only to reduce their power bill!). Just take a look at our own political system - The Greens Party has shot into the spotlight, gaining public support through their environmentally-focused initiatives. With 10 Federal Senators, a federal MP and over 100 greens councillors across the nation, it’s safe to safe Australians are becoming more ecologically alert. Hamid Mir from Enerklean pointed out how we keep getting bad news about the environment every single day, and explained how renewable energy is a positive step forward.

“If we're going to fight climate change effectively, we have to acknowledge how much renewable energy is important.”

What is solar energy?

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To sum it up, solar energy is generated from sunlight that has been converted into a useable form of power. Australia has the highest level of solar radiation per square metre, meaning it is the best resource for solar energy in the world. They don’t call us the Sunburnt Country for nothin’! Hamid worked in the oil and gas industry for over a decade before starting up Enerklean, and was quick to point out many of the mining plants are powered by solar energy. 

In remote areas, away from the cities, there is no power. So we used solar panels and solar systems to power the devices in the remote area.”

Working in an industry which relied so heavily on renewable energy, Hamid questioned why solar power isn’t used more frequently in houses and businesses. 

How solar will save you money?

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Essentially, solar power is free - apart from the small initial investment at the beginning. A typical power unit will set you back a few thousand dollars. However, when you are already forking out $500 on each power bill, the investment in solar power is definitely worth your while. According to Enerklean, most customers will see a return on investment within about three years. From there, it’s smooth savings. To further encourage you to switch to solar, the Australian government also allocates cash back incentives (STCs) to assist with the installation costs. Did you know you can sell power back to the energy companies? Well you can. Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to charge them for a change! 

Ready to go green?

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Enerkean is an Australian renewable energy company that has installed enough solar power systems in the last six months to save 15 tonnes of emissions and match the effects of planting 98 trees! If you wish to make your home or business a green one, Enerklean will tailor design a solar power system for your specific energy needs. So start saving with solar power, not just your money but also the environment.  

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