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Have you ever woken up after a big night at your place and listing all the things you would give to make the ungodly chaos disappear? Prepare for the service you have been waiting for!

Emily Ace
April 7, 2017
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Miracle Workers

Have you ever woken up after a big night at your place and listing all the things you would give to make the ungodly chaos  disappear?

Prepare for the service you have been waiting for! Never again to do you have to drag your sorry self out of bed the morning after, with the team at Hangover Helpers swooping in to save the day - and your grumbling stomach.

Hangover helpers Perth

While you nurse your sore head, Hangover Helpers will erase any trace of the party ever happening - and can even take the trash with them! This includes clearing rubbish, cleaning and packing up hire equipment, cleaning and mopping the floors, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor areas. Using the environmentally friendly eco-fresh range, they don’t leave behind chemical smells - just shiny floors and sparkling benches.

Hangover helpers clean up


The best part is that you don’t even have to make a stop at Macca’s for a greasy meal- with the team bringing along a bacon, egg, cheese and spinach wrap to toast on site. If you would rather limit the damage done to your body to the night before, there is also the 'green' option of Bircher Museli with fresh fruit.

Did I mention their esky full of rehydration? Stocked full of PowerAde, Berocca, Up & Go, healthy all natural green smoothies and good old H20, these guys really are miracle workers.

Hangover Helpers food

Dream a Little Dream

Hangover Helpers began back in August last year after James Hookway and his wife Hayley woke up a little worse for wear after hosting a party. With the house in a state of disarray and not a scrap of food left in the fridge, they dreamed a little dream of someone coming to cook and clean for them.

Although their dream didn’t come to fruition that day, they have made it a reality for the struggling hosts of a number of parties since. James says he and his wife love helping out others- especially as they have all been in the predicament before. They say it’s a lot of fun hearing about the antics of the before and how things might have got out of control!

Hangover Helpers service


Business owners James and Hayley currently have three teams helping them to work magic, and have had a huge response from all around Australia. They are even preparing to set up a branch in Melbourne very soon, and other franchising opportunities are on the cards for the future.   

If you find yourself in a compromising position where a couple of quiet drinks turned into an all-night rager or you woke up feeling like you would rather spend your Sunday morning dozing, you can call the Helpers in for an ‘emergency clean’. Just give them a buzz and they will do their best to get a team to you ASAP. Although this may mean no breakfast (due to lack of prep time) you can still expect the cooler of hydration. This could be a handy solution to destroying the evidence before your parents get home…

Hangover Helpers party clean up

Share the Love

If you want to get your friend a truly useful gift for their house party, you and some friends can always chip in to purchase a voucher for the host. This makes an especially good sneaky present when you are told not to bring a thing! You could even give the party host the welcome surprise of a cleaning crew and breakfast on the doorstep by booking for the morning after. What better gift could there be than bacon and extra few hours of sleep?

There is also no obligation for you to stay while they work, meaning you can crawl back to your comfy doona, or head out to the beach for a swim to clear your heavy head. In the past the Helpers have had couples who held at-home weddings leave their keys to let them in while they leave for their honeymoon, and allowing them to return to a beautifully clean house after their getaway. If you are having hens party pre-drinks before heading out, you can have them clean up while you dance the night away and return to everything being in order.

Hangover Helpers Perth

Party Like It's 1999

James says his job comes with a lot of great stories- most of which he can’t repeat! They have certainly seen it all; from eggs splattered on the roof, drunken bodies sprawled throughout the house and even the home owner opening the door to let the team in after a bucks night, unknowingly sporting some creative graffiti on his face.

With no party bash too big or small, Hangover Helpers can be booked in to service out of control house parties, sporting events, weddings- you name it.

Hangover Helpers WA

Hire the Helpers

Get in touch now to book in the saviours that are Hangover Helpers, and use the helpful quote tool on their website to price up your own party.

Find out more on their websiteFacebook or Instagram, or contact them directly by phone or email at clean@hangoverhelpers.com.au   

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