Buying local has many advantages: you receive handcrafted products made with care, it supports our locals, and you can often buy exactly your style.

Vegans can find cruelty free soaps and cleansers, the eco-conscious can buy zero-waste balms and moisturisers that ship with recycled packaging, and that naturally natural can have blushes and powders sourced and clarified from the very land we’re on.

And that’s just the start of it.

If you’re also looking forward to polishing up in Spring and want to support the indie Aussie cosmetics scene, explore some of our favourites below.

Willow Tree Skincare

Based in Margaret River, Willow Tree Skincare has been handcrafting natural and sustainable skincare products since 2013.

Willow Tree Skincare focuses on soaps, cleansers, serums, and balms, but also surprises with salt bath soaks for sore muscles and herbal bath soaks with floral fragrances for some relaxing me time.

And why not follow up that me time with one of their hydrating face masks made with natural ingredients, and a whipped body butter rich in Australian botanicals?

Its clear that Willow Tree Skincare looks good to feel good.


Anoque focuses on men’s skincare needs to help us put our best face forward.

Anoque was borne out of creator Chris Baradel’s frustration with the harsh chemicals found in the average store bought product and their effects on his own skin, and in 2016 he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Chris and the Anoque team use plant based ingredients and thorough research and development to produce ethical, efficient, and nourishing skincare

It's also refreshingly no-nonsense and simple. Cleanse when you shower, follow with toner. Moisturise before you start your day, and blot the oil on before bed. Taking care of our skin is taking care of ourselves, after all. Why be complicated?

Read more about Anoque, and learn some skincare tips with Chris in our article here (and reward yourself with a 20% off discount code found at the bottom!)

Sahara Soul

At 17, Western Australian Chloe Weinthal created Sahara Soul: her self-tanning range of products and her own small business.

Sahara Souls’s self tanning foam and facial tanning mist give a brown-based tan that leaves the skin glowing, and us looking radiant.

After facing many personal crises in her young life, Chloe realised that she could channel these emotions and transform them into motivation: To start her own business that could help her help others in building their confidence in their own skin.

On her website, Chloe says: “Building confidence is a huge thing in today’s society that I truly believe we, as a whole, need to work on. I found myself feeling a lot more confident in my body when my skin was looking healthy and bronzed. I wanted to create something affordable and excellent quality that contains great skincare ingredients that can help women feel beautiful and confident in the same way it has helped me.”

Emily de Molly

Emily de Molly is an indie nail lacquer brand from Canberra that handcrafts glittery and glitzy polishes to accessorise your nails with.

All polishes stocked on site are vegan, cruelty free, and toxin free, which makes indulging in their polishes that much easier.

Emily de Molly stocks a wide range of colours with many of these featuring special effects like magnetic shifting particles, holographic glitter, and multichromatic shimmers, among many more.

Of course, if you can’t decide on one colour, they also have nail art supplies available like stamp plates for patterning and liquid latex for creating colour gradients.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics is proud to create zero-waste and ethically conscious cosmetics made with natural ingredients sourced within Australia and handmade with pride.

Finding a brand where you can buy a full face of makeup is rare, but Dirty Hippie Cosmetics has it all while being vegan, ethical, and natural.

Staying true to their zero-waste mission, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics offers a recycling program. When you finish a full-size tin or bottle, you wash them out and then PM the store to organise the return process.

Using a recycled box, pack up the empties and ship them back to Dirty Hippie Cosmetics. Then, they will provide you a code for free shipping and a $1 discount for each empty sent back on your next order.

It pays to be a loyal hippie, huh?

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