Australian-made natural men’s skincare brand Anoque has come to the forefront of men's skincare, focused on helping men put their best face forward, have more confidence and take care of themselves and their skin. The man behind the brand, Chris Baradel, created Anoque out of his frustration in finding the right skincare products for his own use. “I had bad skin! Full of acne, countless hours in the mirror squeezing pimples and the constant battle of dry, itchy skin from the harsh chemicals in traditional skincare products.” With the focus on creating the best skincare products for men, Baradel embarked on launching Anoque to the world.

Using only effective, ethical, simple to use and travel-friendly sizes, Baradel has made it clear where Anoque stands in the skincare market. “Skincare is no different. We live in a world of plant abundance, natural wonders. We should be eating more plants and extracting their benefits, for as many things as possible. We also pride ourselves on practicing ethical harvesting measures.”

“We do this by spending countless hours researching, trailing and testing the worlds best natural ingredients, formulating PH balanced skincare suitable for all skin types.” Anoque uses plant-based active ingredients which don’t strip away all the natural oils, effectively reduces blackheads, acne and blemishes all while supplementing the skin with essential vitamins and omegas to reduce the signs of ageing. 

“Being natural is super important to me as I truly believe that so many issues can be improved and fixed with the right healthy diet, including the skin." This mantra rings true with Anoque's two-in-one face cleanser and scrub with activated charcoal and a blend of fruit extracts to reduce acne, blackhead and detoxify the skin of daily build-up and toxins. 

The shine-free and fast-absorbing men's moisturiser and anti-aging face oil contain a high concentration of plant extracts and oils akin to our skins natural lipids which have been shown to promote collagen production and reduce the signs of premature aging.

Chris’s top 6 skincare hacks to elevate your routine:

  1. Hydration - The innermost layer of the skin, the dermis, is a water reservoir that provides turgidity and allows metabolic exchanges.
  2. Diet - With all the products we put on our face we also need to pay as much or more attention to what we shove in our faces (mouth).
  3. Hands off face - Your hands contain a lot of bacteria, grime and god knows what else. Touching your face excessively is just asking for clogged pores.
  4. Bed Linen - If you don’t clean your sheets often enough, all the bacteria they amass can disturb your skin’s ecology. So, wash your sheets folks. 
  5. Cold showers - It may not be an enjoyable part of your skincare regime, but it's the most natural. It helps to tightens your pores which in turn fight off the dirt from getting back in.
  6. Consistency - Consistency is key. Use all products daily for at least two weeks to start seeing consistent and noticeable changes in the appearance and health of your skin.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Anoque’s best selling and most reviewed product- Men’s Kempt Kit. Featuring four different products designed to cleanse, scrub, tone, hydrate and protect without any of the nasties. This kit is simple to use and takes up less than 2 minutes of your time a day. 

Use our discount code UNDRGRND for 20% off your first order. 

For more information please visit Anoque's website.

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