Forrest Chase has launched the largest immersive tech display ever seen in the state. Manni’s World is a giant immersive wall of toys, tinsel, candy, beaches and baubles made of 300 TV panels, that literally comes to life every night at 6pm.

In addition to this, they have revealed a series of Christmas-themed window displays ‚Äď throwing back to the annual excitement people used to feel as they gathered outside department stores with their families for the big reveal. This display tells the enchanting story of The Adventures of Bobo and Mouse.

Everything created for The Adventures of Bobo and Mouse, has been crafted by local designers, artists and suppliers. Pulled together in only 6 weeks, the team of local creatives have poured their heart and soul into this Christmas wonderland.

This display will be on show from Nov 20th to Jan 3rd, shoppers will journey into surprising, mystical lands with a series of activations and giveaways designed to inspire hope, nostalgia and bring out one’s inner child.

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