Coffee in a Cone has landed in Perth!

Coffee in a CUP or coffee in a CONE?

Hermes Leung
August 6, 2017
Eat & Drink
The coffee industry in Perth has always been popular and innovative. And now, the world’s most instagrammable coffee - Coffee In A Cone - has landed in Perth and joined the party to take WA’s coffee game to a brand new level.

What is Coffee In A Cone?

As the name suggests, this innovative invention allows you to grab your coffee in a waffle cone covered in a unique chocolate coating. After many experiments, I’d say you have around 10 minutes to finish your coffee before the chocolate is too milky inside the leak-proofed cone.

What does it taste like?

If you’re curious about what it tastes like, I took the plunge and tested one of these coffee cone inventions myself from the Kinky Lizard in East Perth. The coffee first melted with the coated chocolate to give you a faint (and delicious) chocolate taste. Sip further, and enjoy your coffee together with the crunchy waffle cone to get a richer and sweeter chocolate flavour.

The verdict

I’m not usually a traditional girl, but my vote goes with coffee in a cup this time. Firstly, 20mls of coffee is not enough to start my morning, not to mention it is $6.5 for each Coffee Cone! On the plus side, using a cone as a takeaway coffee container is more environmentally friendly than a takeaway paper cup!

Coffee in a cup

Controversial coffee

Coffee In A Cone has taken the Internet by storm. However, coffee is not just about the presentation, but also about the beauty of the coffee itself. I am one of those traditional coffee lovers; for me, coffee should always be in a cup. The type of coffee machine, the cups, the beans, the milk or even the water, all contribute to the creation of a perfect coffee. And for me, that coffee is best enjoyed in a cup!

Where are they in Perth?

Now the important questions - which Perth cafes are providing these trendy Coffees In A Cone?

1. Kinky Lizard - East Perth

2. Isle of Voyage - Perth CBD

3. Double Shotz - Northbridge

4. Psychomug - Subiaco

5. Typika - Claremont

6. Grouch & Co. - Myaree

7. DPM Coffee - Mandurah

8. The Wild Fig Cafe - Scarborough

9. Little Stove - Bicton

Sweet-toothed coffee lovers, your foodie heaven has come true as more cafes across Perth are offering these chocolate-infused coffee cones. As for traditional lovers out there like me, let's continue to celebrate the joy of a great cup of coffee!

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