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The sophisticated grill getting Perth diners hot under the collar

Ashwini Saseedaran
October 7, 2019
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Here in Perth City, we’re blessed to have hidden gems spread throughout our urban landscape - and for a while now Shafto Lane has been upping the game with its offering of eats and drinks from all corners of the world on its winding path connecting Hay and Murray Street.

And we’ve got the lowdown on one of its newest residents!

Enter, Binchotan Grill.

Think casual yet classy, satisfying yet sophisticated food, gorgeous drinks and even better prices.

The brainchild of long-term chef buddies James Park and Tamas Orosz, Binchotan Grill opened its doors in May this year with the vision to bring something different to Perth’s dining scene.

With James’ two-star Michelin background, the duo crafted an off-beat menu showcasing a well-balanced fusion between Japanese, Korean and Western cuisines.

From 28 - 35 day dry-aged steak, to delectable tapas plates and even gluten-free and vegetarian options, the guys at the Grill certainly have Perth diners sorted.

And the proof is in the protein, which co-owner Tamas said was cooked BBQ style using only the finest Japanese Charcoal (Binchotan) which heats up to a whopping 1000 degrees Celsius.

We can only guess it’s the key ingredient to lock all that flavour in!

Along with an incredibly tempting cocktail list featuring specialities like Yuzu Mojito and passion fruit Margarita, it’s no wonder the eatery has already racked up a near 5-star rating online.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for a cheeky drink, a quick bite, birthday event or business function, go ahead and book a table. The Grill awaits!

Binchotan Grill

Shafto Lane, Perth CBD

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Thursday 11:30am to 9pm

Friday 11.30am - late

Saturday 12pm - late

Sunday 5pm to 9pm

For information or to book, call 0474 131 884

Work up your appetite by checking out their culinary creations on Instagram and Facebook.

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