The Best Food Challenges in Perth

Are you up to the challenge? 

Josh Giamboi
September 8, 2017
Eat & Drink
For some, eating is viewed as merely a way to fuel your body for the day ahead. For others, eating is a lifelong skill. For those of you in this minority looking to test your limits or just assert your dominance amongst family and friends, look no further. Indulge in (or suffer through) these five hefty food challenges spread throughout Perth.
Burger challenge
The giant burger at Novembars


What: The Fatboy Burger Challenge

Where: 4 Bayley Street, Dianella, Stirling, Perth, WA

One of my favourite local burger joints, Novembar’s, lures noble contenders with an intimidating - but mouth-watering “Fatboy Burger challenge”. Stacked with 7 patties, 3 slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, egg and caramelised onion, this is truly a test of one’s eating ability. Owner and Chef, Minh Van’s Fatboy Burger (thankfully NOT pictured below) is paid for at a DOLLAR PER MINUTE and priced at $32.50 if unfinished. Currently, the fastest man to have stepped up to the challenge is Nigel Atton, who finished the burger in 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

Varsity devil wings
Some juicy wings at Varsity Bar

Varsity Bar

What: The Devil Wings Challenge

Where: 88 Broadway, Crawley, Nedlands & Dalkeith, Perth, WA

Meanwhile, Nedlands’s Varsity Bars are holding monthly food challenge contests, requiring contenders to devour a total of 15 “devil wings” as quickly as humanly possible. Although taking part in eating these lethally hot wings may constitute as self-harm, this challenge attracts hundreds of customers every month. Currently the record is set at an extraordinary 39 seconds.

Meat Platter The Hive Café
The Hive Cafe

The Hive Café

What: The 5 Continents Meat Platter Challenge

Where: Shop 1, 182 James Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA

This challenge is all in the name. This enormous platter of premium quality meats weighs 1.5kg in total and is even accompanied by chips, salads and a selection of sauces. The plate is comprised of Mongolian Beef from Asia, Crocodile Burgers from Australia, South African Chicken, Cuban Mojo Pork from America and to represent Europe - Greek Lamb. If you successfully finish this exorbitant platter, the price is slashed in half, becoming $29.00.

Steak challenge outback jacks
Outback Jacks

Outback Jacks

What: The Rump Steak Challenge

Where: 13 Hamilton Street, Cannington, Canning, Perth, WA

If you thought you could handle your steak, think again. Cannington’s very own Outback Jacks is notorious for its Rump Steak Challenge – an outrageous meal for one that could probably feed a family of four. The dish consists of a heinous 2kg worth of food in total, including 500 grams of potato wedges, 500 grams of veggies and a colossal 1kg rump steak. If you can finish the challenge in less than half an hour, 50% of your bill is taken care of by Outback Jacks and you will be rewarded with a complementary t-shirt. If finishing 2kg worth of food isn’t shameful enough, your name is also recorded onto the challenge’s honours board!

The Carine Glades
The Carine Glades

The Carine Glades

What: The 1.4kg Parmy Challenge

Where: 493 Beach Road, Duncraig, Perth, WA

This challenge over in Duncraig takes your classic chicken parmigiana to the next level. Only available on Wednesdays, the Carine Glades offers a mouth-watering 1.4kg parmy along with a side of chips and a salad. With no time limit, if you devour this entire dish and complete this challenge the price will be  halved, equating to $22.50. Not only this, but you are rewarded for a lifetime by joining their wall of fame!

Josh Giamboi

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