What: Beerland Chilli Week 2018
When: Monday 4 - Sunday 10 June
Where: Northbridge Brewing Co (44 Lake Street, Northbridge) and Whitfords Brewing Co (Westfield Whitford City, Hillarys)

Chilli lovers unite, the Beerland Chilli Week is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! For a whole week, Northbridge Brewing Co and Whitfords Brewing Co are turning up the heat with fiery competitions, mouth-watering food and limited edition chilli beer, all in the name of spice.

Let chilli bring out your competitive side

Kicking off on WA Day until Sunday 10 June, Beerland Chilli Week 2018 is the perfect opportunity for you and your chilli-obsessed mates to compete for some awesome prizes in one of Beerland Chilli Week’s many competitions.

The Beerland venues are turning up traditional beer pong a notch by transforming it into Firehorse Chilli Pong. Teams will face off and see who can sink the most ping pong balls into cups filled with Virgin Bloody Mary’s doused in Firehorse chilli sauce - WA’s premier oak barrel aged chilli sauce. There’ll also be the Passport Challenge, where you can try your hand at a series of challenges for the chance to win tickets to Beerland’s Beer Clubs and Melbourne Cup and New Year’s Eve events.

What’s on the menu?

Beerland Chilli Week 2018 isn’t all about the fun and games; head chefs Tama and Kevin have a secret weapon in the Carolina Reaper - the hottest pepper on earth which is a cross between the Sweet Habanero and Naga Viper chillies. These chilli wizards will be using the Carolina Reaper in a number of special menu items at both Northbridge Brewing Co and Whitfords Brewing Co, including their beloved Singapore Chilli Mud Crab and Slider Roulette. To top it all off,Ken Arrowsmith and his Beerland brewing team will be behind the bar to release a limited edition Habanero IPA.

Whether you’re a chilli lover or just enjoy watching people suffer in the name of spice, head here for more information about Beerland Chilli Week 2018.
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