There’s nothing quite so indulgent as chocolate brownies, but none are as devilishly decadent than the creations by Ox Rabbit. Since launching in 2016, Master Baker Rob Campbell and General Manager Iain Sheppard have won over the sweet teeth of Perth with their irresistible treats.

The self-described ‘Tom Ford of desserts’ creates luxurious, hand-crafted and over-the-top baked treats that scream ‘chocolate couture’.  While they bake a range of cakes and desserts, they have found their niche in creating satisfyingly gooey brownies. Inspired by a recipe from Rob’s grandma, the boys up the ante by embezzling their bakes so that they’re almost too good to eat.

While their signature brownies can be found in cake cabinets of luxury hotels such as QT and Perth’s best restaurants and cafes, they are now available for you to bake in the comfort of your own home. In an exciting step for the business, Campbell and Sheppard have designed a stunning Luxury Brownie Kit that comes with individually bagged dry ingredients and the signature showstopper toppings you’ll need to create your own Ox Rabbit masterpiece! The kits are available in three deluxe flavours: the Gold Brownie complete with edible golden sand, Ruby Brownie using the fruity pink cocoa bean, and the Dark Chocolate Cookie Brownie Kit.

For the chocoholics in your life, Ox Rabbits kits will be sure to delight as gifts this Christmas! Grab a Luxury Brownie Kit from the Matthew Landers’ pop-up store at Claremont Quarter or from their website until Sunday 16 December.

Cover image courtesy of Facebook.
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