Mad Mex to dish up a contentious burrito

In an Australian first, a popular Mexican restaurant chain will add a limited-edition sweet and savoury creation to their menu and let Australia decide: Pineapple - hell yes or hell no?

Emily Ace
June 11, 2019
Eat & Drink

To pineapple, or not to pineapple - that is the question which has divided Australians since the dawn of time.

While the argument usually surrounds whether or not the sweet, tropical fruit belongs atop a cheesy pizza, Mad Mex is shaking things up by introducing a new contender: burritos with pineapple.

In an Australian first, the popular Mexican restaurant chain will add the sweet and savoury creation to their menu for a limited time.

From today, Amigos can opt to add a handy helping of pineapple to their signature burrito and be in with the chance to win a tropical holiday in the process!

Mad Mex founder and CEO Clovis Young said while it was not a traditional ingredient in burritos, Mexico is a leading producer of pineapples globally. It is also a key ingredient of many traditional Mexican recipes.

“Our burrito with pineapple is sure to cause strong reactions amongst our amigos but we want to settle the argument for good!" he said.

“Whist some will call it sacrilege, we know there are a LOT of pineapple fans out there – some of them living in secret – and they’ve been waiting a long time for this day to come.

"We want to empower Aussie pineapple lovers to indulge their passion with a fun twist on traditional burritos! We’re excited to see what Australia decides: do they love it or hate it?! Let’s find out. And who knows, if the new burrito is a hit, this might not be the last we see of it on the menu..."

Cast your vote to be in with a chance to win a $2000 travel voucher (and for the true pineapple lovers, why not head to tropical North Queensland - the Australian home of the divisive fruit).

To enter, simply message the world ‘Pineapple’ on Facebook and follow the instructions to vote ‘heck yes’ or ‘hell no’ and tell Mad Mex why.

Emily Ace

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