Wagoo: Delicious food for pups with sensitive stomachs

Because you’re not the only one who gets to be picky…

Julianne de Souza
October 20, 2017
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Each day, Perth is becoming more accommodating for those with special dietary needs and sensitive stomachs - and we’re not just talking about humans. Let us introduce you to Wagoo, your furry friend’s new second best friend (after you, obviously).

Created by Charlene and Jenna, Wagoo is a line of healthy, wholesome, and tasty meals for your pets, particularly those with allergies or sensitive stomachs. “At Wagoo, we believe that dogs are truly some of the best beings on earth,” says Charlene, the creative force behind Wagoo’s recipes.

“Our mission is to help owners see the effective and lasting role that nutrition powered by whole ingredients play in their dogs’ lives.”

While it was officially created and launched four months ago, Wagoo dates all the way back to 2005, when Charlene started creating wholesome dog food for her miniature Maltese cross, Wagsy. “I started cooking for Wagsy since she was two years old (she’s almost 14 now), due to relentless allergies,” says Charlene.

“The more I cooked, the better she got, and the more I learnt about the pivotal roles that good nutrition and good ingredients play. Add to that Wagsy’s finicky and fussy food preferences, and I soon became quite a master at creating meals from whole ingredients that were balanced for nutrition, textured for experience, and flavourful for taste.”

At Wagoo, taste and nutrition are of equal importance; all recipes consist of real meat, essential oils and fats with a wealth of vitamins and minerals. They are also free of added salt, preservatives and additives - basically, you can trust they have your pup’s best interest at heart.

Wagoo currently offers four main meal recipes - Chunky Chook, Roasted Roo, Pulled Pork, and Savoury Salmon - and three treat recipes - Liver Biscotti, Bacon & Cheese, and Doggy Dukkah. While the meals may contain eggs and dairy, Charlene and Jenna may be able to tweak their recipe for the vegetarian pups out there.

Wagoo treats and snacks are available for delivery all around Perth and Australia; their delicious meals are cooked to order and sold chilled or frozen. However, if like me, you lack the patience required for online shopping, you can grab some Wagoo goodies at either Honeywood’s Local Farmers Market (the Barkday Pawty stall is where it’s at) or the newly launched Wireless Hill Farmers Market in Ardross every Sunday morning! “We are really looking forward to expanding our presence,” says Charlene of Wagoo’s stall at Wireless Hill. “The more furry bellies we can fill with good food made from whole ingredients, the more testaments to the importance of nutrition in dogs.”

Spoil your dog with some healthy meals and treats here.

Julianne de Souza

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