There's nothing quite like a pizza on a rainy winter night in Perth. Snuggling up on the couch with a box of the good stuff can be a top reason for wanting to stay in and enjoy the calm. Although finding a pizza place that offers a slice of amazingness. Here are five of the best pizza places we have found north of the river in Perth WA.


You can find this amazing restaurant along Beaufort Street in Inglewood. Their owner and chef Mark Cecchi has been creating amazing food for almost a decade in this restaurant which has grown in size as it has grown in its popularity. Dine-in with friends or take away if you love traditional homemade pizza with some of the freshest ingredients in town.



This Vic Park staple has stood the test of time on the restaurant strip, which has seen many restaurants come and go. It's no secret that it is likely Brando's famous pizza that has kept people coming back time and time again.


Uptown Pizza

If you live further north, then this new Joondalup pizza joint will be your new fav. Creating amazing New York style pizza, that's thin and crispy and just melts in your mouth. They even have some Nintendo arcade games to keep you busy while you wait. Perfect for a takeaway pizza for a rainy night.


Padbury Pizza

If you have ever lived in the northern suburbs of Perth, then you have likely heard of Padbury Pizza. Tucked away in the local neighbourhood of, you guessed it, Padbury. Their menu may be limited, but their pizza base is something you have to try, no matter the topping.


Pizzeria Amore Mio

This little joint in Maylands has that traditional Italian style. Great if you love wood-fired pizzas with a lot of traditional meats and mozzarella. It even has the cute little red and white checkered tables for that traditional pizzeria dining experience.

Jul 20, 2021
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