ince COVID locked us indoors the people of Perth begun an unhealthy addiction to video-sharing app TikTok, which for many brought a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom of the daily news cycle. Since 2020, the trend of watching has slowly moved into creation for many locals in Perth, with a few standout performers who have managed to ride the wave to stardom. With the social media platform still in its infancy, a few locals have taken charge and are now some of the most sought after.

Here are a few of the Perth locals we found on TikTok who are crushing it:


Sooklyn blew up thanks to the infamous "Andrew Andrew Andrew" Scomo incident in 2020. Since then, (real name) Brooklyn has crafted her content into some addictive 'day in the life', comedy and lately some travel inspo (check her recent trip to Sydney).


A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF MEEEE: a content creator. Not pictured me doing a different job for 8 hours on the computer 😂💦💕🔥😂☀️☺️

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

The Rybka Twins

Teagan & Sam Rybka are professional dancers and you guessed it, twins! Definitely worth a follow if you enjoy acrobatic dance moves.


What would you like to see more of on our Tik Tok page!? 🙊🥰 ##dance ##newfance ##trend ##youllbethatgirl DC: @savbranch @ashley.ferguson 💃🏼

♬ you make me feeeeeeel. do my dance plz - maya consiglio

Lauren Curtis

The queen of Perth YouTube and Instagram, made famous by her amazing makeup tutorials, is crafting a new space within TikTok.


a second hairline :)

♬ oops! - Yung Gravy

Adam Scott

A local lad showing off Perth's beaches with a dash of some humour. You may remember him from his Metro's skit.

Ramon Israel

This foodie and local influencer is great to follow if you are looking for inspo on where to go out in Perth. As a bonus, Ramon also showcases local tourism spots.

Tristan Tshiyembi

Perth and proud of it, this funny TikToker is worth a follow if you enjoy a laugh.


This TikToker simply goes by "B". Worth a follow if you enjoy original content with a local comedic twist.

Hannah Balanay

Her TikTok is filled with dancing and comedy. Bonus fact, this influencer is also a Twitch gamer.


( dc @nathanramsayy ) for those who wanted 100%... hmm i think 😬

♬ Up bad bitch remix - Lashawn🔥🥶

Cam Bostock

Cam and his wife travel and shoot some very interesting and entertaining TikToks. Bound to give you travel envy if you end up in lockdown again and again.


Craziest slide ever!! @karismilic ##manjimup ##perth ##australia 🇦🇺

♬ cooking video - cooking

Natalie Benson

This TikToker may not be living in Perth right now, but she has created some fantastic content to watch if you are looking for some awesome places to go in WA.


Check my other videos to find out more about each destination! 🇦🇺 ##WA ##perth ##perthisok

♬ A Hipster's Life - Ben Lam

Sevspics (Seva Mozhaev)

This giant Perth local stands tall, but so does his content. The former educator creates some quality content that hits local.

Adrian Alaberg

You may have seen him during the weather-cross on Ch9's morning show or on The Pulse. This local comedian creates some excellent original content which will guarantee a good laugh and a half.


Follow me on Twitch to join my “nitch”, link in bio. Did I miss any words?? ##fyp ##foryou ##aussie ##straya ##englishteacher

♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

Mark McGowan

We couldn't pass up an opportunity to mention our State Daddy is on TikTok. Enjoy.

Josh Garlepp

Former reporter, current funnyman. Worth a follow if you enjoy skit-comedy. Some absolute crackers in there.

Perth Underground

If you want to discover new places in Perth to visit, chuck us a follow as well. We are trekking around Perth and WA to find the coolest places and trends for you to try.

Apr 27, 2021

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