This box has your Christmas shopping sorted

What’s in the box? Healthy, local deliciousness.

Those who truly consider Christmas the most wonderful time of the year know that there’s no feeling quite like giving the perfect Christmas present. Emira took this passion of gift giving and combined it with her love of wellness, cooking, and browsing health food stores to create your new favourite service, Bounty Box Superfoods.

The joy of giving

“I love putting together gifts for friends and family, and often will put together a box of items that I know they will love. With a background in architecture, I really enjoy the process of creating and designing something, so one day I literally just felt driven to create something of my own that I could share with others which encompassed my love for health, design and gifts, and Bounty Box was born!”


Something for everyone

Founded roughly 18 months ago, Bounty Box Superfoods is a Perth-based gift hamper delivery service showcasing Australia’s best vegan, gluten free, paleo, and sugar free products. For example, in the best selling Bliss Bounty Box, you’ll find a vanilla and coconut protein ball mix, tea, organic paleo chocolate, a jar of nut butter, and a mini scented candle – all locally made, of course.

“I try each product first to make sure they are delicious,” said Emira of the benchmarks she sets when selecting brands to feature in her hampers.

“I don’t believe in dietary restrictions but rather choices. With setting benchmarks such as these, it means people with a wide variety of needs can enjoy most of the products.”

As for the best present that gift-giving extraordinaire Emira has ever received? “It would have to be my engagement ring, which my husband very meticulously placed inside a Kinder Surprise egg complete with instructions. It took him 13 attempts to get it perfect, so I couldn’t say “no”, could I?”

Whether you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift for your family, partner or best friend, Bounty Box has you covered with its wide range of hampers starting at just $45.

Reduce your Christmas stress and peruse Bounty Box’s myriad of hampers here! You’ll thank us later.

Julianne de Souza

Hi, I'm Julianne! In addition to waxing lyrical about Perth cafes and boutiques, my hobbies include spending all of my income on live music and fun pants. My favourite things about Perth are the beaches, the laid back lifestyle, and the crop of new brunch spots that appear every week.