As we step into spring, there’s nothing quite like an ice cream on a hot day. We have tried out some of Perth’s best ice cream spots.

Kuld Creamery

Kuld Creamery by Mati and Kaitlyn is sure to hit the spot. They make all the ice cream from scratch and each month they release 5 new flavours so you’ll have lots of options to try. With two locations, one in Fremantle and the other in Highgate, there’s really no excuse not to go!


Instagram: kuld_creamery

Gusto Gelato

Gusto Gelato has to be one of Perth’s favourite gelato shops. They focus on making small batches of gelato daily using traditional techniques learnt in Italy. With a focus on delicious flavours and quality gelato, if you haven’t already tried it then you must try ASAP.If you’re a little more than obsessed with gelato, they offer a gelato making class where you’ll get to learn from the founder and Head Gelatiere of Gusto Gelato and you get to take a tub home. Join the wait list now here


Instagram: gustogelatoau

Chicho Gelato

A cult classic to the gelato scene in Perth is Chicho Gelato in Northbridge. The gelateria is also very Insta and TikTok worthy, with neon lights and quirky silver gelato containers. It’s a must on a sunny day.


Instagram: chichogelato


This one is for the more adventurous ice cream lovers. Fry’d in Leederville, and soon to be opening in Fremantle is the fried ice cream that stole the hearts of Perth’s ice cream lovers when it opened back at the beginning of this year.The delicious flavours and loaded toppings will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Instagram: frydmt


A little bit left of field from the standard ice cream or gelato joints is Hanabing, offering a range of dessert options including Bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) and soft gelato. If you have tried Bingsu before, it’s worth a try because it might just be your new favourite thing.


Instagram: hanabingaustralia

Sep 14, 2021
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