The Perth therapy trend that’s set to float your boat

Catch a break from the chaos of city living with this popular relaxation therapy!

Living in Perth has its perks, but when it comes to city living, life can get pretty chaotic at times. Nowadays in WA, we seem to have adopted a work hard, live fast mentality. Whilst we spend most of our time working the 9-5, modern technology is making it more and more difficult for us to escape our screens and detach from the world at the end of the day. The question is, are we giving our bodies and brains enough of a break?

Having experienced first-hand the mental and physical struggles of living in a busy city, the Pont family turned to floating in the hope of finding a suitable solution to their daily stresses. Carolyn and Gary Pont set up Float Fremantle with their daughter Savanna to show fellow Perth-lovers how the relaxation therapy can help fight away all sorts of fatigue. Whether you’re suffering from stress, a chronic workaholic or simply craving a little relaxation, it could be time to step into the pod of dreams and let those worries float away!

Float Fremantle
Float Fremantle's Holdsworth Street entrance

The science behind the magic

If you haven’t yet heard of floating, you may well be wondering what the hell it is! To put it simply, it’s pretty much the best relaxation therapy you’ll ever come across. During a floating session, you’ll enter a state-of-the-art ‘dream pod’ filled with water and epsom salt. Whilst revitalising your body, the pod’s mineral content will allow you to float on the water’s surface, taking all your weight and worries away. Savanna explained the science behind the whole process:

“The water is heated to your body temperature, so it allows you to lose sensation of your body. You basically melt into blissful nothingness”.

Floating is all about giving your mind the break you never knew it needed. As well as removing distractions (those sneaky screens), the pod triggers a shortcut to meditation by helping floaters get into a deeply relaxed state, ergo the name ‘dream pods’. You know the dream-like state you experience right before you fall asleep? That’s the state we’re talking about it here, and it actually does wonders for your mind and body! When asked to describe it, Savanna joked: “It’s like meditation on steroids”.

Pod float Fremantle
Each Dream Pod is in a private room

Let the stress float away

The pod is the perfect place to organise your thoughts, tune out for a while or, if you really need it, just have a good ol’ sleep! Whilst floating is great for chronic worriers who need to clear their head, it’s also ideal for stressed out professionals and uni students who need a break at the end of a long working day. The relaxation therapy has actually been known to work wonders for people who struggle with sleep, so much so that it’s also known as REST (translation: reduced environmental stimulus therapy).

Float relaxation therapy
Epsom salts keep you afloat while you relax inside a Dream Pod

Give your body a break

As well as giving your mind that much-needed rest, floating is perfect for anyone in need of a little physical healing. Savanna explained how the anti-gravity sensation created in the pod allows you to release any built-up tension and pressure in your joints, creating an amazing release for your back, neck and shoulders. Whilst ideal for anyone with sports or joint injuries, floating has also attracted some more unlikely customers. It’s actually great for pregnant women, as it helps take pressure off their body. And, of course, it’s perfect for any established Mums who need a little break from their kids and husbands!

Floating physical relaxation
The Dream Pods are very spacious so there's room to bob about

A little somethin’ for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a master of meditation, a first-time floater or an experience-junkie looking to try something new, floating suits people from all walks of life. The relaxation therapy has attracted world-class athletes and well-known celebrities (if it works for Zac Efron, it works for me), but it really is open to all. Savanna explained:

“It’s a self-guided therapy session, so you can choose what you take from it. You have the physical side of it, but you can also focus on the mental benefits too”  
Float Fremantle lobby
The foyer at Float Fremantle

Whilst the staff (or ‘flogis’ as Savanna likes to call them) at Float Fremantle have lots of little tips to help you get the most out of your float, every session can be customised to your own needs.  All the memberships at Float Fremantle are also sharable, so you can get the whole family involved (and avoid any stress-induced disputes in the meantime)!

Make a day of it

If you really want to push the boat (or float) out, you always have the option to extend your pamper package a little bit further. As well as a floating session, Float Fremantle also offers pre- or post-float massages for any flogis looking to take that relaxation to the next level. If a massage doesn’t tickle your pickle, you can help yourself to some complimentary herbal tea and sit down for a read in Float’s private snug room, or just hang out with Savanna and your fellow flogis for a post-float chat in the lobby!

Float Fremantle snug room
The snug room at Float Fremantle
Savanna: "You can’t be in a bad mood working here because you’re constantly chatting to relaxed people all day!"

Tried and Tested

The team at Perth Underground couldn’t possibly leave without giving floating a go ourselves. The result? Let’s just say, the proof is in the the pod!  

Closing float pod
Dream Pod at Float Fremantle

Need a break from city living? Book in with Float Fremantle to organise a well-deserved escape from life’s stresses.

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