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In our relentless search to uncover the best of Perth for our readers, we sat down with Jess Fuimaono from Perth Undiscovered who gave us the inside scoop on the best places to explore in our great city.

As a local dining expert in Perth, where would we find you on a lazy Sunday for Brunch?

I personally like going somewhere that has a view, and I quite like the ocean or somewhere on the water. So I quite like The Little Bay - it is a cute little spot, it has bali vibes and they do really good food. It is always busy, so that is probably my go to.

I also really like Island Market in Trigg - it is gorgeous in there. Really anywhere on the water, but if you wanted to do something a little bit different, there is Acai Corner on the Perth Foreshore. They have a little food truck pop-up with little umbrellas set up on the foreshore, so you can buy a smoothie or a bowl and that is quite cute. I see a lot of people ride their bikes down and it is kid friendly. 

If you were to have an interstate tourist come stay with you, what would be your top 5 places to take them?

King’s Park is a must, that is a showcase and it is just so nice because you can take a little blanket and picnic basket and do something really low-key there and go for a walk. 

Yagan Square is quite cool, there are lots of places you can eat and drink and then if you want to go see a movie you can pop over the road to Palace Cinema and that is a really nice cinema. It is not too expensive and they have recliner seats - it’s a bit nicer than your standard cinema. Head along to Elizabeth Quay to round off the city trip. 

If you wanted to do an activity you could go for a hike, there are lots of places in the Perth Hills you can go. It depends what time of year, so you want to pick the weather right. 

It’s also really good to explore the Swan Valley and all the wineries - my favourites are Lamonts and Lancaster. There is also Funk Cider and if you are keen for a day trip, Core Cider House out in Pickering Brook. 

You have got to go to the beach. We are so spoiled here and I don’t think people realise. Scarborough has just had a massive redevelopment, and there are heaps of restaurants around. That is one thing I want to do this summer: go to the beach more. Rottnest Island is the other really good alternative! So beautiful and of course, Quokkas! 

Share with some Perth’s hidden gems or most underrated venues?

If you are going for a night out and want something a bit different, the Jazz Cellar in Mt Hawthorn is really cool. You go through an old school telephone booth and go down into the basement and they have a jazz band there. It’s only on Friday nights, the tickets are really cheap and it is all BYO so you bring your own alcohol and your own food or they have a pizza service so you can order pizza as well. It’s always a really fun night out, they always get you up and dancing. 

Also in Mt Hawthorn is Neighbourhood Pizza, it is hidden down an alleyway and is a casual spot to go with friends for pizza with BYO drinks. 

I also quite like Blasta Brewing, it is quite a nice spot to go for some casual drinks and food. If you like to watch sport, they have most sports covered, so that’s another place to go which is off the grid. There is the Brown Spoon in Vic Park which is a cool late night cafe that serves amazing Korean desserts. 

If you had to take someone on a first, second and third date, where would you take them in Perth? 

First dates you should always stick to drinks and coffee, keep it really low key because you don’t know if you are going to vibe. That way you can always stay for a few and then go your separate ways or go out for a bite to eat. For a first date you need an exit strategy. I think with summer coming up some of the rooftop bars are quite good - you want somewhere with an atmosphere, so somewhere like the QT Hotel. Another place called Besk in West Leederville is a great choice too - I have heard really good things about that place. 

For a second date I think it is really good to do an activity to really get to know somebody. So you could do mini-golf then go out for food - I really like the Wembley Golf Course mini-golf. With summer coming up there are lots of food trucks around, they do one in South Perth called South Perth StrEATS and you can down there with a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. 

Third date you kind of want to go somewhere nicer. I always love going into Northbridge - anywhere in Northbridge is great really - but I love The Hummus Club.  

What is your favourite spot for a Sunday session?

It is a bit of a drive, but I love Core Cider House, it caters to all ages, they have a playground out there so you can bring your kids and sit on the grass an order pizza and chips. But they also have a separate dining area if you want something a little bit more formal. 

Mandoon is really cool as well, a very similar thing - so if you like wine and beer that is definitely the spot to go. 

I quite like Freo Social, it’s a very relaxed vibe, they have live music and you can just sit in the sun. They have really nice food as well. 

Keep up with Jess on her blog Perth Undiscovered for all things eats, drinks, culture and lifestyle.

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