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Discover where Sam Perry likes to eat, his favourtie Perth venue to perform at, and what to expect at his upcoming Fringe show.

Tessa Dempster
April 7, 2017
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Perth musician Sam Perry has taken the music world by storm performing his unique vocal stylings around the world. From humble beginnings at The Indi Bar to performing in international tours before returning home for the upcoming Perth Fringe Festival. Perry talks developing his own musical style, winging it at TedXTalks and why he loves coming back to his home town.
Sam Perry performance

How would you describe your music style and how did you develop it?

I’m a vocal loop artist. I use an effect pedal and loop station to craft songs using only my voice. It started just as a tool for creation. Growing up I always played in bands and spent a lot of time writing and recording on to tape. Loop pedals didn’t exist back then. All my songs or ideas I would hum out first or write in my head and then translate to an instrument. Now with the loop pedal and an arsenal of effects I designed strictly to my vocal range, I can hum melodies and create songs instantly. It’s a super organic process and a great way to express myself. It’s cool to see how my style has changed as I get more accustomed to my equipment. Now I’m not governed by a certain instrument or sound, I can explore most genres and tempos. Over the past year I’ve naturally gravitated towards a vocal representation cross of breakbeat, hip hop & drum n bass.

FringeWorld is arguably one of the most successful events targeted at performance artists in Perth. You performed The World Is at the 2014 event on the back of performing internationally – how did it feel to be back performing in your home town?

Sooo good! We worked really hard to get that show up and running with a really short time frame. We started filming the visuals a month before it went live and our first and only run through was the night before the premier. It all paid off though. We sold out the season and won the FringeWorld award for best music 2014. We then added content, chopped and changed and renamed it ‘Sam Perry Live’ and won the 2015 best music award. Now it’s coming back for a third season to Perth & Adelaide fringe this February 2017, premiering at Southbound!!

Sam Perry performing

How did you find performing at TEDxTalks? How does this kind of platform differ from other more traditional performances?

It’s always so nerve racking when its being filmed and you only get one shot. One opportunity ;)... And because of that it’s never your best. I had just finished a two month German tour and came to that performance straight from the airport. I felt pretty rock n roll. I also felt really jet lagged! If you watch the video all the way through, right at the end there’s a music break that slams into a powerful drop with a vocal synth solo sound designed to bring the house down. TOTAL F*** up! Pressed the wrong button and all the music stopped. So I panicked, hit the closest button which happened to be my synth solo sound and just started yelling into the microphone. After watching the replay I was actually really happy with it. One of the best mistakes I’ve ever made looping and I ended up writing it into my set from then on.  


Where did you first perform?

My first looping show was at The Indi Bar in Scarborough. My first ever performance would have been in a primary school choir that I probably shouldn’t mention.

What is your favourite thing to do when you go on stage?

Do well I guess. I mean, going on stage is one of my favourite things to do in general.

Sam Perry performing to crowd

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m fine tuning my show for FringeWorld 2017. I just wrapped up a week of shows in Alaska which was breathtaking! I’m also focusing on several new live video releases on some international platforms (Human beatbox & Swissbeatbox). I recorded a single with Noah from WAM at his studio in Margaret River a month or so ago so we are looking forward to getting that out into the world too.  

If you had to come up with one thing that described Perth to someone who has never been here, what would you say?

Beaches! For me it’s not just about the city itself. Its more the surrounding area. I’ve been lucky enough to travel Australia 4 times with music and the WA beaches are still a standout for me. The city has an awesome vibe through summer. I’ve noticed a lot more street art all over the place which I’m a big fan of and the night markets every Friday in the city center are next level!

Sam Perry Perth musician

What is the thing you miss the most about Perth?

It changes every time depending on where I’m lucky enough to be flying off to. Obviously, my girlfriend, home and family top the list. I just got back from seven shows in Alaska, Anchorage and it was freezing! -22 and five hours of sun light a day! So coming back to a Perth summer and fresh fruit, vegetables and home cooked meals are the highlight this time. It’s the little things for me.  

What is the thing you miss the least about Perth?

Cashed up bogans

Where is your favourite place to eat when you're in Perth? Why? Dish of choice?

I have a few favourite places to eat in Perth. Bonsai in Northbridge is great! It’s a modern Japanese restaurant with mostly tapas style meals so you can try a bit of everything. The beef asparagus has got to be my fav. If I was eating on the run it’s Toastface Grillah because who doesn’t love a toasted sambo.

Where is your favourite place to go on a night out in Perth? What’s your drink of choice?

The Bird is my bar of choice. Good live music, nice vibe and all the beers on tap are my favourite. It’s my favourite place to perform in Perth too.

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