StreetX and Pretzel: Two Perth Businesses Come Together to Bring You Sweet Street Style

Get ready Perth for the collaboration you didn’t know you needed. StreetX and Pretzel have teamed up to bring you mouth-watering food and super stylish t-shirts.

Jordy Cook
December 15, 2020
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Perth fashion powerhouse StreetX are teaming up with everyone’s favourite twisty treats, Pretzel, for an epic black and signature baby pink t-shirt collab. These tees are available now - just in time for the silly season!

Close of up of person wearing StreetX Pretzel tee

Bring the fire to your mouth and your wardrobe as you feast on a Sriracha Pepperoni Pretzel wearing your new favourite tee. Or, complement the soft pink design with a Pink Fluffy Marshmallow Pretzel.

Both parties played a key role in the end product. Dan and his team designed their limited-edition collection around the concept, and Pretzel created their delicious treats around this idea.

StreetX founder Daniel Bradshaw says he is looking forward to eating the pretzels which came out of the collaboration.

image of model wearing StreetX Pretzel tee

Dan built his brand from humble beginnings as a small online store in 2011, and is now an unstoppable fashion power house in Perth and overseas.

His success comes from having a different perception of Perth and what it has to offer. Speaking to Dan about this latest collaboration, this is what he had to say:

Many industries, music, arts, everyone sort of tries to portray life elsewhere, when we’ve got so much opportunity here [Perth], why not focus and build upon that?
We want to smash that idea that you have to leave Perth to be successful.
We are doing what no one else is doing. We're working with all different types of business. We've done beef jerky and are doing a pretzel now; we've worked with cafes. We have an amazing store that obviously looks nothing like you'd expect a t-shirt brand to look like.

Image of two people wearing the tee, from the back

Support local this Christmas season Perth, and support two Perth businesses with one t-shirt purchase.

Visit your local Pretzel store to taste the ultimate treat - and get in quick for your StreetX tees as this limited edition collab is sure to sell out.

Jordy Cook

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