Aussie start-up NudeHerbs, developed and founded by Scientist and Entrepreneur, Dr. Ali Karami, is set to disrupt the Australian market with an effective and delicious functional beverage. 

NudeHerbs is Australia’s first range of brewed herbal and floral tonics which are naturally delicious, ethically produced, sustainable and powerful beverages. The blends are derived from ancient recipes from the Burnt City (3200-2350 BCE) and have been passed down in Dr Ali’s family from generation to generation. 

“As a Persian, sharing a meal and a drink with someone is ingrained into our culture and as a scientist I want to make sure that I’m offering something healthy and sustainable,” says Dr Ali. 

“I’ve been developing NudeHerbs since 2017 and finally launching it is part of my Australian dream. When I first started brewing the tonics, I was operating out of a Queenslander I converted into a Certified Chemical Free Farm and Greenhouse.

“Not only did I lose about 19 kilos in the first month from the hard work that comes with a self-managed farm, but I caught the attention of the local police who thought I might have been growing cannabis. They left shortly after I walked them around the farm to show off my collection of beautiful herbs and flowers.” 

With his move to Melbourne in 2019, Dr. Ali stepped out of the farming industry and now sources his herbs and flowers from environmentally friendly sources. 

“The values behind this brand are distilled from my personal journey of sacrifice and not giving up. I went through a lot, sold my car, worked in bars, but never agreed to create poor quality products. In such a competitive market, you may never get the second chance to revise your imperfect product.” 

NudeHerbs is now stocked in over 55 venues, wholefood stores and cafes plus sold nationwide online, all of which has been achieved without any advertising and only a few support staff.

Sep 20, 2021
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