Perth Underground take 5 with the Dames Who Dine

In our relentless search to uncover the best of Perth for our readers, we talked to local foodies Tess and Christabelle from Dames Who Dine Perth for their take on our great city.

1. As local dining experts in Perth, where would we find you both on a lazy Sunday for brunch?

For us, the most important thing about a good place to eat is that they focus on providing good quality food and good service. There are many places that unfortunately focus too much on the presentation and the look of a dish, rather than maybe keeping it simple and focusing on the food itself. That’s why we love Caffissimo on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, which is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday brunch. We get there for around 11 am and can always find a table outside in the sunshine and we are always greeted by the staff and served within minutes, we have even gotten to know the couple who run it. We love the fact that the coffee and food is consistently good.

2. If you were to have an interstate tourist come to stay with you, what would your top 5 places be to take them?

Perth has much to offer, and we are so lucky to have such a variety to choose from. We would take an interstate tourist to Little Creatures in Fremantle, this is an iconic Western Australian brewery. We would also take them to Mandoon Estate in the Swan Valley, the rose is a must-try. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King in the CBD would be on the list for some authentic Japanese ramen, renowned throughout Asia, this is the first outlet in Australia. Korean bbq at K-Town in Northbridge is another one of our favourites, it has a great atmosphere and is an enjoyable social way to eat. Last but definitely not least is Must Wine Bar in Mount Lawley, french inspired food which incorporates local produce.

3. If you were asked by an overseas tourist what Perth is like, what would you say?

Perth is a beautiful city with amazing scenery and beaches. It is very laid back and chilled city where there is not always a lot to do, however, it is very multicultural and there is a large variety when it comes to places to eat, hence why we eat out a lot. There are many beautiful places to visit such as King’s Park, Rottnest, Margaret River, Swan Valley, just to name a few. However, the nightlife definitely needs improvement, as the city really only comes alive over the weekend.

4. If you had to take someone on a first, second and third date, where would you take them in Perth?

The first date would be at Aurora Rooftop Bar at The Melbourne Hotel in the CBD, this is a hidden gem. They make AMAZING cocktails which will impress, they even distill their own gin, there is a beautiful view and they have a great bar food selection. It is the perfect place to be able to sit, relax and get to know someone.  

For the second date, we would suggest La Cholita in Northbridge, this is a laidback place where you can have fun with your date, sip on Margherita's and enjoy some bar food. (Both our partners took us here on dates in the early days!)

If your date is lucky enough to make it to the third date and you really want to impress them, we would suggest something a little more romantic. The Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth overlooks the river and the city and has a delicious menu.

5. Final question, who has the better restaurants, North or South of the River?

This was a tough one as both have amazing restaurants and cafe strips, however, based on our above recommendations, we will have to say the North wins.

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Dylan Urquhart

Local Perth enthusiast, impromptu tour guide, small bar discoverer.